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Akshay Kumar’s ‘Brothers’ gets overwhelming response in the UK

Akshay Kumar in  Brothers UK 20th Century FoxAkshay Kumar is a favorite not just in India but worldwide. Time and again audience around the world have supported their favourite actor and helped the theatres to a packed house when it comes to an Akshay starrer.

In the United Kingdom, last three releases of Akshay opened to a phenomenal response. Be it Gabbar whose Friday opening was £22,082 or Baby opening to £17,488 and then It’s Entertainment which opened to £35,036. Brothers which released last Friday has garnered a blockbuster opening of £44,880.

Interestingly brothers has received a 15 rating in the UK unlike others which have a 12 rating .

Released by 20th Century Fox, presented by Fox Star India and produced by Dharma Productions in association with Endemol, Brothers is running successfully in UK cinemas now. 

Interview: Jacqueline Fernandez talks about ‘Brothers’

Jacqueline Fernandez in London -BollyNewsUK (3)Bollywood beauty Jacqueline Fernandez stars in the much-awaited sports drama, Brothers, an official remake of Hollywood film Warrior.

Released by Fox Star Studios worldwide, the high-octane family drama also stars international icon Akshay Kumar along with Sidharth Malhotra (Ek Villain), and Jackie Shroff (Dhoom 3) in pivotal roles.

Directed by trailblazer Karan Malhotra (Agneepath), known for extracting inspiring performances from his actors and sending his audiences on an emotional, cathartic journey, Brothers has been produced by renowned filmmaker Karan Johar, under his Dharma Productions banner, along with Lionsgate Films and Endemol India

Brothers is the story of a broken family, set in the world of mixed martial arts and underground street fighting. Akshay Kumar plays the role of Sidharth Malhotra’s elder brother; both siblings are martial arts fighters locked in a fierce rivalry for victory in the ring.

Speaking to Bollywood reporter Sunny Malik, Fernandez talked about the film, her movie choices and playing a mother on-screen for the first time.

Your career changed drastically after starring in Kick last year. How has it been?
It has been great. Last time we spoke, I had just finished Kick and was starting Bangistan. I also finished Roy with Ranbir Kapoor and Brothers. I have also started Rohit Dhawan’s movie with John Abraham and Varun Dhawan. I will also be filming Remo’s next directorial also starring Tiger Shroff. I will now be starting Housefull 3 shortly.

Jacqueline Fernandez in LondonSo you will be filming in London for Housefull 3 again…
Yes, it’s very exciting and I can’t wait.

Everyone wants to work with Dharma Productions. How did you feel when you were offered Brothers?
I was ecstatic. I have always wanted to work with Dharma Productions. This film and my role is a bit unconventional for me because I have been previously only seen on-screen in glamorous roles. This was different and I was honestly surprised that I was even offered such a film. I am so glad that I did do the film because I was in very good hands.

Were you slightly conscious that you will not be seen in make-up on-screen?
Yes, I was but it was also a relief. In films like Dishoom which I am working with John and Varun, I know that I have to look my best. In Brothers it wasn’t about that at all.  It was purely about my performance. It was a relief that I didn’t have to worry about how I was looking, my make-up, clothes or my styling. It was a completely new experience for me.

Do you think not having to worry about these factors brought out a better performance?
I don’t think that styling, clothes and make-up should come in the way of your performance. You should be able to look your best and yet give your best performance. Sadly, what happens is that you get so involved in these things for some roles that they become your priority more than your performance. This time it was different and a little bit weird for me. I wanted to look at myself first before some takes and I was told to not worry and just give the shot (laughs). It was amazing because I felt myself that I was giving a real performance and nothing else mattered.

Who offered you the film? Karan Johar or Karan Malhotra?
It was Karan Johar who came to me with Brothers.

Were you worried that playing an on-screen mother would not go well with your image?
I was very aware of it. I even contemplated not doing the film. I didn’t know whether I wanted to play a Mom at this stage in my career. Even when I started the movie, I was still a little bit apprehensive and not sure. But then it was all about how convincing the audience that I can also be a mother on-screen. I don’t know how that can go against me. When I go and start my movie with Tiger Shroff next, I should still be as convincing in whatever I portray in that film.

Brothers is the first film to release by 20th Century Fox through the Fox Star India and Dharma Productions partnership. Do you feel this film can reach a wide international audience because it’s a Hollywood remake?
I hope so. The story of the film can connect with people from any nationality, region or religion. Everyone can relate to the storyline. I do hope that people come and see it because I don’t think what they will see in Brothers is something that they would expect from a Hindi audience per say.

Brothers is now playing in cinemas nationwide.

Interview: Sidharth Malhotra talks about ‘Brothers’

Sidharth Malhotra Brothers AnthemBollywood chocolate boy Sidharth Malhotra made a stunning debut with Karan Johar’s ‘Student of the Year’ in 2012. The 30-yea-old actor has since played a number of diverse roles. His second movie, ‘Hasee Toh Phasee’, saw him playing a lover boy in a very quirky rom-com. Sidharth then surprised audiences worldwide with his critically acclaimed portrayal of a gangster in ‘Ek Villain’.

‘Brothers’ marks his fourth feature film as an actor where he plays a loner and an alcoholic. Sidharth plays the role of Monty who struggles hard with his complex existence. He shies away from crowds and he does not have any friends. He is active in the world of underground street-fighting, but he lacks a winner’s attitude. He strongly yearns for the acceptance and love of his family. This yearning for approval and respect leads him to find the needed focus and determination to make it big in the street fighting circuit. When the ‘Right to Fight’ competition is announced, he makes it his life’s mission to win it to earn respect and to find his rightful place in the world.

Speaking to Bollywood Reporter Sunny Malik, Sidharth opened up about the film and much more…

‘Hasee Toh Phasee’ was an interesting rom-com and ‘Ek Villain’ completely transformed you. How has the journey in Bollywood been so far?
The journey has been interesting. I learnt a lot of things and there were quite a few ups and downs.  People typecast you once you do a romantic movie and if you do an action flick, they put you in that space. I have attempted to do all genres.  Even though Ek Villain and Brothers have action in them, you can see that they are diametrically very different. I feel now there is far less anxiousness from my part when I interact with people from the film industry as well. When I entered the movies business, I had a lot of general and work pressure as well as performance anxiety. That has reduced. The feedback I got helped me and also when a film was successful at the box office.  That gave me a confidence boost that there is an audience that is excited to see my movies and will pay money to watch them at cinemas. I also feel a bit responsible that I need to give out better content and not let that go. What I don’t like is that everybody starts typecasting you instantly. What  I want to do is to adapt to both; a  romantic film and also a hard-hitting action film.

Sidharth Malhotra in Brothers Fox Star DharmaYou have been choosy and not been signing films left, right and centre. Why is that?
Yes, I have been a bit choosy. If a film demands it, like Brothers did, I take off time. I was preparing for about six months. I needed to be convincing for the role hence, I needed to eat and gain a lot of weight. It was also a different role for me as people wouldn’t imagine me playing such a role. If I can choose from the material that I am offered then it needs to be something new, it should have an X factor for me and get me excited. I get bored if it gets monotonous. Of course, the script and screenplay has to work. For me, my character also needs to have a journey from the beginning till the end. The director is also quite important for me. When I meet a director, the vibe and their passion should show. Then they can push your limits. I knew Karan Malhotra even before Brothers. I knew that he doesn’t settle for anything short than a great or perfect take. That makes it easier for me as an actor because you know someone is pushing you for the right reasons. The combination of trying something new, a great script and a good director are probably the things that I will look for in my next projects. I also think it’s great that actors take out time from their schedule to work on a character. I can assure you that I haven’t looked like this in my other films and neither do I look like that right now. It was all for a particular project and to make it look convincing. I did get a vibe from some people who thought it’s too early for me in my career to take off time to work on my character. I thought and still think that it’s best for the film and if it will pay off, then that is what actors should do.

Sidharth Malhotra in Brothers

Was it weird looking at yourself in the mirror after your physical transformation for Brothers?
Oh yes, it took me a while to get used to my beard. I have never had such a big beard ever in my life. Neither did I ever have such short hair. I also gained about ten kgs in four months. It took me a while to get used to it and my clothes stopped fitting me. I had to get a new wardrobe. Some people think keeping short hair is very macho and very easy but it takes more time to maintain it. It was definitely more effort for me to keep it short and get it trimmed every second day. I had to spend more time in my van to get ready and I hate that. I love to just come in, get ready quickly and be on the set. It took me a while to get used to my look but I also knew that it will make the film and my character look more convincing.  That was my main goal. Hats off to Karan Malhotra, the director, as he showed me an image of a 6 foot 4 inch tall bald wrestler. I got scared thinking that I have to shave off all my hair for the film and I was just freaked out because that guy was too big (laughs). He told me that he wants me to look that way. He told me that I need to physically look very broad and massive. I promised him that I’ll do whatever the best I can and that’s when I decided to not to do anything else and just prepare myself for this film.

You have known Karan Johar, the producer, and Karan Malhotra, the director for many years. Who approached you to star in the film?
It was Karan Malhotra himself when it came to offering me the role. He was about to start another film, Shuddhi perhaps and I was supposed to do another project post Ek Villain. It was quite interesting how Brothers fell into place for all of us. Endomol had been trying to make this film with various production houses in India for a few years and it never really worked out. I remember that one night he was meeting Karan Johar and Reshma (head of a talent management agency), and on top of his head Karan Malhotra told them that a film he really wants to make is Warrior. Reshma said that she knows the people who have been trying to make this film in India. They then had a meeting with Endomol after two days of that conversation and Karan was asked to adapt the script and wrote the Hindi script in about a 40-50 days. He considered me because of Ek Villain and also because he knew me personally. I was excited because he had great standards of filmmaking and a lot of conviction more than anything else. When you come on set, you just know that Karan had thought about every little detail from how to shut a door and what kind of look the actor needs to give for a scene. He was very clear about these things and that’s why as an actor you don’t need to do a lot of homework. The film has a lot of drama but it’s very subtle, which is today’s flavour. The audience will get the impact but were not really performing for drama.

Sidharth Malhotra in The Villain

You must have been thrilled when Akshay Kumar came on board too…
Even Akshay Sir was supposed to do another film instead. It’s really amazing how everything fell into place.  We all changed dates and pushed films ahead to do Brothers. We all were destined to play roles in the film. When I came on set, I realised that all four of us, Karan Malhotra, Jackie Shroff Sir, Akshay Sir and I were very similar in personalities. We all come from very basic and non-film backgrounds. We are all about doing the right thing. Hence, we got along really well. I also don’t have a female heroine in the film and all I did was hang out with Akshay Sir and Jackie Sir which was refreshing. I think, the male energy that audiences will see on-screen hasn’t been seen in Hindi cinema for a while.

The trailer doesn’t reveal whether your character is truly negative or positive. Can you shed some light on this?
Well, it will be difficult to predict who is negative and who is positive in the film. The only difference between the two brothers is that Akshay Sir’s character has a very personal and correct reason to fight the competition while my character has an internal motivation to fight the competition. My character is not doing it for money but only to prove a point to my friends and family that I’m worth something. That’s why the character comes across as more aggressive but isn’t really negative. Akshay Sir plays the family guy and is doing it for his family. The film is not really about who wins the fight. It’s more about the conflict the two brothers have been living with; their abusive father, their angst, their mother who died when they were young and all that is bottled up till the climax. It makes my character and Akshay’s character, being the older and mature one, handles it differently. I think it’s not a negative character. It’s just different.

Directed by Karan Malhotra, ‘Brothers’ is produced by Karan Johar and released by 20th Century Fox.  The film is out now nationwide. 

Akshay Kumar & Sidharth Malhotra use brain, brawn & body in “Brothers Anthem”


Get ready for a testosterone fuelled song which shows the lead actors, Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra of upcoming film ‘Brothers’ in full training mode.

The Brothers Anthem is the latest track to be released, sung by Vishal Dadlani. A fast paced song that is sure to pump up audiences, Akshay’s sequence was shot on top of the Worli Fort where a gym similar to Akshay’s personal one was created, so that they could recreate the type of fitness regime he follows in his personal life.

Akshay Kumar in Brothers

This song also shows the two distinct styles of David and Monty; David being more of a technical and methodical fighter while Monty is shown to use brute force. The song ends with the appearance of several international fighters who have competed in MMA and WWE who arrive for the tournament.

Sidharth Malhotra in Brothers Fox Star Dharma

“The song comes at a point when the two brothers, David (Akshay) and Monty (Sidharth), are given an entry into the tournament R 2 F (Right To Fight). They are excited and start training for it. The song also simultaneously conveys an idea of the media coverage — how the tournament is being accepted by the government and the people, building an excitement around the tournament.” says director Karan Malhotra.

Brothers Anthem

Catch the video here:

Brothers releases in UK cinemas on 14th August.  

Karan Malhotra on ‘Brothers’ – Director’s Note

Karan Malhotra' Brothers - UK ReleaseRead on to find out what director Karan Malhotra has to say about his next directorial venture, Brothers, starring Jackie Shroff, Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez and Sidharth Malhotra.

Director’s Note:
“Brothers is a film that is special to me for many reasons. This film came into my life at a point when I was going through a phase of tremendous personal and spiritual growth. It is a story that evolved from a space of acceptance, resolution and forgiveness.

In a way, it was a hard film for me to tackle, because as an individual, I had never before ventured into a space of ‘greys’ in my life – It had almost always been black or white for me.

Brothers gave me the cathartic opportunity to explore those unexplored areas, through the lives and journeys of the main characters in the film.

Brothers is my tribute to family, an ode to relationships as I’ve come to understand them. And none of this would have been possible without the unconditional and relentless support of my team – all the technicians, and the entire cast and crew. Thank you!”

Produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, the film will release in UK cinemas on 14th August 2015 through 20th Century Fox. 

Akshay gets inked for new film, ‘Brothers’

Akshay Kumar in Brothers UK releaseIf you have already seen the trailer for Akshay Kumar’s new film ‘Brothers’, then you would have noticed that he is more ‘inked’ than usual. The superstar actor sports a variety of specially-designed tattoos, as he gets into character. But Akshay Kumar’s loyal legion of fans needn’t worry, as all the tattoos are fake and simply in the name of art.
Always the method actor, Akshay Kumar lost 17 kilos to play the role of David Fernandes, a Catholic Physics teacher with a troubled life and a past shrouded in mystery. To ensure that Akshay’s character looked as authentic as possible, the film crew drew inspiration from the varied looks of the locals inhabiting the Bandra area of Mumbai.
The trailer of Brothers already has over 6 million views on YouTube and is being tipped as one of the blockbusters of the year.
Brothers will release in UK cinemas through 20th Century Fox on 14th August 2015.


Brothers marks power-packed partnership between Akshay Kumar & producer Karan Johar


Brothers UK Release 20th Century Fox Dharma ProductionsBrace yourself for a cinematic explosion of love, fraternal rivalry and high drama as “Brothers” sets screens ablaze this 14th August. Released by 20th Century Fox in UK cinemas, the high-octane family drama stars international icon Akshay Kumar along with Sidharth Malhotra (Ek Villain), Jacqueline Fernandez (Kick) and Jackie Shroff (Dhoom 3) in pivotal roles.

Directed by trailblazer Karan Malhotra (Agneepath), known for extracting inspiring performances from his actors and sending his audiences on an emotional, cathartic journey, Brothers has been produced by renowned filmmaker Karan Johar, under his Dharma Productions banner, along with Lionsgate Films and Endemol India. The film’s music has been penned by duo Ajay-Atul who have delivered hit soundtracks for blockbusters such as PK, Agneepath and Singham.

Anticipation around the release of “Brothers” is mounting given the union of an esteemed cast and crew, spearheaded by Karan Johar, Karan Malhotra, Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra.

Brothers is the story of a broken family, set in the world of mixed martial arts and underground street fighting. Akshay Kumar plays the role of Sidharth Malhotra’s elder brother; both siblings are martial arts fighters locked in a fierce rivalry for victory in the ring. The gritty family drama required intense physical training and fitness aficionado Akshay Kumar left no stone unturned. Akshay, along with co-star Sidharth Malhotra, worked relentlessly on a gruelling fitness regime, both requiring highly controlled diets, prolonged martial arts training sessions and weight lifting. The actors look mean and rugged in the film’s trailer and are seen flaunting super toned physiques.

Karan Johar’s cinematic experience traditionally places the family unit and entangled relationships centre-stage. “Brothers”promises to live up to the expectation as audiences will get aboard the rollercoaster of emotions that engulf a family, brimming with tension between two warring brothers.

Akshay Kumar in  Brothers UK 20th Century FoxSynopsis: Gary Fernandes (Jackie Shroff), a former alcoholic and street-fighter, returns home after serving a prison sentence of 10 long years to find that the wounds of the past still haunt his family. His two sons, David (Akshay Kumar) and Monty (Sidharth Malhotra), who had parted ways as kids, are grown men now, but are still bitterly estranged. Gary himself carries the burden of his guilt. His elder son, David is an ex-fighter turned school teacher.  He and his wife Jenny work hard to make ends meet and to provide the best they can for their ailing daughter Poopoo.

Troubled financial circumstances drive a desperate David to return to the world of street fighting. While, Monty struggles with his lonely complex existence. An alcoholic, he is active in the world of street fighting, but lacks focus and determination. He strongly yearns for the acceptance, love and respect of his family. As the story unfolds, we see the journey of these three men, as they seek to find redemption and healing.

Meanwhile, the arrival of ‘Right to Fight’ is announced in India — the biggest international event in mixed martial arts history. Both brothers, at the crossroads of their lives, end up enlisting to fight in this ‘Winner-takes-all’ event. And it is here after an age of estrangement, unknown to the two siblings, they finally stand to face off with each other and against their personal demons, in the ultimate final battle.

It is said, that when a deep injury is done to us, we can never recover until we forgive. With twists and turns, pouring emotions and edge-of-the-seat action, will this final battle between the two brothers repair old wounds?

Brothers releases in UK cinemas on 14th August 2015 through 20th Century Fox.

Watch a promotional song from the movie featuring Kareena Kapoor Khan here:

20th Century Fox to release ‘Brothers’ in UK cinemas on 14th August 2015

Brothers UK20th Century Fox will release Karan Malhotra’s Brothers in UK cinemas on 14th August 2014. 

An Indian adaptation of the hugely popular hit, Warrior (starring Tom Hardy), Brothers is the hard-hitting action-drama surrounding a broken family forced to face up to one another mentally and physically, all within the world of mixed martial arts and underground street fighting.

The film stars one of India’s most reputed actors Akshay Kumar (a martial artist, who has launched stars such as Kylie Minogue, Snoop Dogg and Sylvester Stallone in Bollywood) and emerging star Siddharth Malhotra. The film is a co-production between Endemol India and one of India’s leading production companies, Dharma Productions.

David (Akshay Kumar) is forced to confront his underlying problems when he finds himself reunited with his estranged family; his father (Jackie Shroff) returns after serving a ten-year prison sentence, and Monty (Sidharth Malhotra) the struggling alcoholic who is active in the world of street fighting, yearns for acceptance and love from his family. Brought together by the arrival of India’s biggest international event in mixed martial arts history, ‘Right to Fight’, the family must face each other, and their demons, to win the ultimate battle, and find redemption.

Watch the trailer here:

Akshay Kumar cherishes working with Bollywood legends

Akshay Kumar in  Brothers UK 20th Century FoxIndian cinema superstar Akshay Kumar is a happy man these days. Riding high on the box-office success of his recent blockbuster film “Gabbar is Back”, the enigmatic Akshay recently shared an amazing piece of trivia about his illustrious film career.

The megastar recalled having worked in a high percentage of films in which he shared screen-space with a number of Bollywood legends. Oddly enough, the only exception to the rule was his father-in-law and yesteryear superstar, Rajesh Khanna.

Over the years, Akshay has worked with Bollywood legends like Manoj Kumar, Rishi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Raakhee and Tanuja. While the actor co-starred with Manoj Kumar in the 1995 thriller “Maidan-E-Jung”, which also featured Dharmendra, he has also worked with Shatrughan Sinha in the classic “Aan-Men at Work”, Feroz Khan in “Welcome” and Rishi Kapoor  in “Namastey London” and “Housefull 2”. In addition, Akshay has also shared screen time with the legendary Amitabh Bachchan in “Ek Rishta,” “Aankhen,” “Ab Tumhaare Hawale Watan Saathiyo,”  and “Waqt-The Race Against Time,” amongst others.

While speaking to a noted publication recently, Akshay said: “There is so much to learn from them, and although I did not have many scenes with some, like Manoj-ji and Dharam-ji, I cherish the experiences.”

Akshay Kumar’s gritty drama Brothers is releasing on August 14 2015 and tells the story of the relationship between two brothers gone awry. Akshay will be seen playing Sidharth Malhotra’s elder brother, both of whom are martial arts fighters seeking victory in the ring. Akshay and Sidharth look mean and rugged in the film’s trailer, which has already crossed an impressive 4.8 million views online.

Brothers will release in UK cinemas through 20th Century Fox on 14th August 2015

Trailer Launch: ‘Brothers’

Dharma Productions has released the first trailer of their much-awaited sports drama film, Brothers. The action packed film stars superstar Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez and Jackie Shroff. 

Brothers is an official remake of Hollywood film Warrior (2011) and is co-produced by Lionsgate Films and Endemol India. The film will release in UK cinemas on 14th August through 20th Century Fox. 

The film is directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar. 

Watch the trailer here: 

Check out photos of the trailer launch by Yogen Shah: