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Sonam K Ahuja in conversation with Arianna Huffington for Thrive Global India

After turning guest editor for Thrive Global India , Sonam K Ahuja earlier today joined Founder of Thrive Global & Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief , Huffington Post ,Arianna Huffington for a special discussion. 

Thrive Global India hopes to pioneer the conversation few are having in India: The importance of well-being and productivity in leading meaningful lives.

Apart from discussing how to create opportunities for more female representation in the professional arena , Sonam K Ahuja & Arianna Huffington also discussed sisterhood and self belief in women.

Ariana Huffington and Sonam Kapoor

Said Sonam K Ahuja, “The only way to live is to not think about it too much,and have incredible self belief. You need to really centre yourself and be in the moment and say – I’m amazing, I can do this and I’m the best version of myself. You need to have self belief”.

Arianna Huffington added , “I think there’s so much we can learn from the ancient wisdom of India, which is now validated by modern science. I think it’s all about the combination of ancient wisdom, modern science and then new role models, because in the end people learn through stories. Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour.

Ariana Huffington and Sonam Kapoor (2)

The evening also saw other panelists, primarily social influencers, including Amish Tripathi and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, discuss the Indian approach to believing and thriving.

Thrive Global India ,is a platform dedicated to ending India’s stress and burnout epidemic.Thrive’s website and its social media channels will present stories—including videos and podcasts—and science-based solutions to inspire and engage India’s new digital audience

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