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Akshay Kumar shares a special bond with his canine co-artist

Entertainment Akshay Kumar According to English-born American comedian, Bob Hope, the toughest thing an actor could attempt to do on-screen is to try to steal the show from an animal or a child.  But clearly Khiladi Akshay Kumar has no such fears. In what he describes as one of his ‘funniest’’ films, Akshay who shares screen space with canine artist Junior (Entertainment) says the film is a family entertainer and a comical masterpiece. “It’s about a fabulous relationship between a man and his dog,’’ says the actor.  He continues to describe how Entertainment is a very well-trained Thai dog with whom he conversed, yes you read that correct, with whom Akshay spoke to in Thai. 

Calling the dog his all-time favourite co-star, Akshay adds, “Actually I love him so much because he kept me guessing all the time. I even learnt Thai phrases to praise him. Even though we went through rehearsals, he would be absolutely unpredictable in the actual shot.  I guess that is his nature, his prerogative.  Honestly he was the superstar on the set; I was the actor.’’

As everyone is aware Akshay’s love for dogs extends to his personal life too.  Not only does he believe that they are the number one protectors, he also feels that when children (like his son and his niece) grow up with animals, they become selfless.  “A dog is a man’s best friend,’’ says the actor.  And he admits that for as long as he was shooting with Entertainment in Bangkok, the two of them were buddies. 

Entertainment Akshay Kumar Speaking of how he switched genres—from the Rs.110 crore plus Holiday – A Soldier is Never Off Duty to this light-hearted comedy – the actor continues, “Comedies are tougher than they look.  Everyone who is watching one is having a blast.  However an actor who is in the midst of shooting a comedy has to sometimes borrow from his inner reserves.  Even if you’re exhausted or in a sombre mood, you have to give the screen proceedings your best shot.  Otherwise you will not succeed in being funny.’’

A roller-coaster ride filled with laughter, comedy and even more laughter for the entire family, Entertainment releases on 8th August, presented by Tips Industries Ltd and distributed internationally by B4U.


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