Akshay Kumar Holiday News

Akshay Kumar’s Action in ‘Holiday’

Akshay Kumar is known for his action scenes, which is why the superstar is also called Khiladi Kumar.

The 46-year-old actor will be seen next in Holiday: A Soldier is never off duty. The film, directed by Vipul Shah, features quite a lot of action scenes and we heard that Akshay was quite excited about them.

A source informed us that Akshay and Vipul got in touch with Mark Graziano and Kristen Egan from Steven Spielberg’s office for stunt directors. They reportedly recommended a few stunt coordinators out of which Greg Powell was finalized. According to the brief sent over by Vipul and Akshay, he shot a rehearsal video with his team which was later sent to them.

Akshay and Vipul were reportedly quite impressed with his stunt ideas.

Once Greg and his team came to India, they rehearsed the action scenes with Akshay Kumar for almost a month. Greg along with his team even supervised the equipment and cables to ensure maximum safety for Akshay Kumar.

We definitely can’t wait to see the action in the film after this piece of news.

Holiday releases in UK cinemas on 6th June.

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