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Spotted: Varun Dhawan at Deep Space Launch

Deep Space, Adlabs Imagica’s newest roller coaster, was launched by ‘the lost astronaut’ Varun Dhawan who was able to live out his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut and flying into space!  

Speaking on the launch of the ride, Aarti Shetty, Creative Director at Adlabs Entertainment Limited says, “We are very proud to add a first of its kind coaster like Deep Space to our attractions at Imagica. We have used the most advanced technology to create this thrilling ride and are sure it is going to be a rage amongst people of all ages. We wanted to offer something that gives audience an experience of exploring the galaxy and at the same time elevate their adrenaline rush. Deep Space embodies both these features and adds that extra edge over any other roller coaster experience in India.”

The lost astronaut Varun Dhawan, who launched the ride further added, “I love the rollercoaster experience and am spellbound by the high that you get while riding on Deep Space. This one is my favourite and undoubtedly one of the best rides I have ever taken; it is out of space literally.”

He further adds, “I have been to Imagica before and the team has done an outstanding job in creating an international standard theme park.”

Varun Dhawan at the launch of Deep Space at Adlabs Imagica


L to R Aarti Shetty, Creative Director Adlabs Imagica, Varun Dhawan and Pooja Shetty, Joint Managing Partner at Adlabs Imagica


Varun Dhawan launching Deep Space


Varun Dhawan on Deep Space


Varun Dhawan on the Deep Space Coaster

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