Spotted: Aamir Khan, Karan Johar, Kiran Rao and Gurinder Chadha at the Peepli[LIVE] London Premiere (2010)

Actor, producer and director Aamir Khan attended the Gala Premiere of Peepli Live in London at the Curzon Cinema(Mayfair) with wife Kiran Rao, who has directed Dhobhi Ghat.

Aamir Khan also addressed the audience at the screening telling them what the film is about.

After a Q&A session with Aamir Khan the audience surrounded him for pictures. Also, a few people noticed that Karan Johar (My Name is Khan), who came in late was seated next to Kiran Rao. The duo of Kiran and Karan  were being mobbed by Indian Cinema fans for pictures when Johar came up to me and exchanged pleasantries, maybe to get away from the fans but had to excuse himself as many more wanted pictures with him. Check out these exclusive pictures:

The After party was held the bar of the same cinema.

Gurinder Chadha (Bride & Prejudice) with Kiran Rao at the after party.

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