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Interview: Priyanka Chopra Jonas on creating a limited edition collection with MaxFactor


Priyanka Chopra Jonas has joined together with Max Factor to create a special makeup collection. Taking its creative partnership with Priyanka, who is a global brand ambassador, to the next level, Max Factor has launched its first ever, limited-edition Priyanka Universal Colour Collection. The global superstar descended into London earlier this month to launch the collection featuring eye, lip, and nail products.

Priyanka’s MaxFactor collection is currently on sale in the UK exclusively at Superdrug. In a chat with BollyNewsUK, Chopra Jonas opened up on getting into unfamiliar territory with creating a capsule collection and the inspiration behind it.


How did this collaboration with MaxFactor, after being their global brand ambassador, for this limited make-up collection come about?
We were talking internally how to deepen our relationship. I think, it was the brand’s idea if I want to do a capsule collection. I thought, I’ve never created make-up before and what an amazing experience it would be, to see how it’s made. It worked with the lab-techs on pigmentation in the colour, but also on the fonts, and packaging. It was such a wonderful experience and I was very excited about it. The team actually came up with the concept of a Universal collection.
I always try to find a way to have something unique and there are very few colours that work on every skin tone right? That’s why the capsule collection was made in just 8 colours. They’re complimentary for every skin tone. In the campaign, you can see there are five model with me, and we’re all wearing the same lip-stick. That was just a fun little way to make it unique. I had a great time doing it.

What was the inspiration behind creating the collection as it must have been hard to narrow it down to just 8 colours for each product?
It took as eighteen months. For example, the eye-shadows –  they’re high impact colours. You can wear them during day or night time. It fits into your bag – if you want to wear more or less, it’s at your discretion. As someone who is medium skin tone, it was usually hard to find colours that work for the warmth of my skin. I felt like the shades available to me weren’t catered to my medium skin tone. My pallet started with me trying it on myself. I wanted the colours to work a medium skin tone, as I feel we are a bit under-served. Then, I expanded from there so that they also work on lighter and darker skin tones. That’s why the colours are so limited as I feel they would work and be flattering on most people.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Max Factor partnership
Priyanka Chopra Jonas during her launch in London of her first ever limited-edition Universal Colour Collection with Max Factor, designed to celebrate the unique beauty of every individual. Photo: Ian West/PA Wire

It’s called the Priyanka Collection – does it have all the colours that you personally prefer too?
I don’t think it’s “oh, here is a pallete that works on me, and you should try it” – it’s the opposite of that. The colours work on everyone as we tried them across the board. It’s the Priyanka Collection because I worked on it.

A lot of BAME artists have launched make-up lines targeting a specific group – who is your collection for?
I mean, it’s called the Universal collection (laughs). It’s in the name (laughs). I’ve not launched a make-up line, it’s just a fun little limited collection. This collection is aimed at everyone and anyone, women and men alike, and anyone who enjoy expressing themselves. The point is that it’s a Universal Collection for everyone.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas - Max Factor partnership
               Photo: Ian West/PA Wire

How was it like launching the campaign on the Piccadilly Circus lights considering you started your career here in London?
I mean, its always kind of weird. You think, oh, that is a very large representation of my face. I’ve been doing this for almost 23-years, and it never gets old. You always think, oh God that is big, do I look alright? I’m insecure about that. I have worked with amazing hair and make-up technicians, and the crew behind the camera on this campaign. I knew I was in good hands, but it never gets old when you see that.

You’ve launched three products within this limited collection – what would you want to do next within make-up?
You know, my day job is of an actor (laughs). When I do other things, I usually walk on the side of conservative, I do less because I want it to be excellent. This is not what I usually do so I’m learning and trying to create something to the best of my ability. Now that this collection has been received well, we have to go back to the table and see with MaxFactor what’s next. Even when I launched my haircare line Anamoly, I just did about eight or nine products because I wanted to test the waters a little bit. I have had experts who worked on me for years so I know the best products to use on my hair and face.

What’s the first thing that pops into your head for what could be next with make-up?
This is a peculiar answer. I would love to create something that makes your face bright, light and happy. I use a lot of ice on my face for my pores and I would like to create something you can use pre make-up. But that’s just an idea.

Buy Priyanka’s Universal Limited Collection here!

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