Reliance to release ‘Madaari’ in UK cinemas

Reliance Entertainment will release ‘Madaari’ starring Irrfan Khant. Directed by Nishikant Kamat, Madaari is inspired by true events and gives a glimpse into the anguish of a father who is burning in the fire of hate and revenge.

Irrfan plays a heartbroken father who kidnaps the son of India’s Home Minister as an act of revenge when he loses his little son in an incident, which ultimately reflects on the political scenario of the country. Jimmy Shergill plays a stern officer who is in charge of getting back the kidnapped son.

Watch the Official Trailer for Madaari:

In a recent interview, Irrfan spoke about his motive behind taking up Madaari, “To raise questions. The intention was also to ask questions, such as ‘where would a common man go when something goes wrong, even though there are various departments?’ Our judiciary (In India) is so overloaded. There are many instances of our sticking to the laws that were made decades ago. As a country, we have to ask questions collectively to bring change. Sometimes, you have a story that you wish to reflect on through cinema although you are not an activist.”

Madaari releases in UK cinemas on 22nd July 2016 and is distributed worldwide by Reliance Entertainment

Irrfan Khan-Madaari-1

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