The Biker League for Mohit Marwah!‏

Mohit MarwahJoining the league of John Abraham, Sanjay Dutt and Mahinder Singh Dhoni hitting it on with the street-chopper is Mohit Marwah to write some ‘motorcycle diaries’.

Yes, you guessed it right, Mohit is joining the league of the biker boys. The actor who debuted last year with FUGLY, is a self-confessed bike freak, completely in adventure sports imagine his surprise when he was approached by an American Motorcycle Company to be its Indian Brand Ambassador.

When asked to confirm the big news, Marwah exclaimed, “Yes, I have been approached by a popular motorbike firm to be their brand ambassador!”.

The actor claimed he loves riding bikes on highways and solitary roads, feeling the wind fill him up and build the excitement,  “I am extremely excited and looking forward to this association.”

In the meanwhile, the actor is also reading a lot of scripts to finalize what shall be his second outing on the big sreen. 

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