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Ekta Kapoor and Imran Khan Bury The Hatchet!

Imran Khan on The Front Row - Star Plus UKImran Khan and Ekta Kapoor have proven their mettle time and again individually. The dynamic duo first came together for the much hyped OUATMD but the camaraderie faded soon with much media speculation. Soon after the release of the movie, news of their relation going sour floated around where the two stated that they would not work together again.

As they say nothing is permanent in Bollywood, in their case all it took was one face to face encounter for differences to evaporate. Ekta & Imran bumped into each other at a party. Says a source, “There were no fireworks or cold vibes. They saw each other and in minutes they were engrossed in a long conversation in a corner of the room.” 

A few days later they met again for tea and as old friendships revived; so did old projects.

While working for OUATMD, Imran and Ekta had discussed one of  Tigmanshu Dhulia’s script. The duo was very passionate about the script and thought it was an incredible script. At that time Ekta was keen to make it and Imran wanted to do it with similar zeal. The script eventually came up in their conversation and they both realised that they were still equally enthusiastic and passionate about the script.

Imran Khan confirmed the news saying, “I’m very glad that Ekta and I met face to face and cleared up our issues. I really wish we had done it sooner. Tigmanshu’s script is excellent, and it would be a shame for his film to suffer because of our disagreement. I’m really looking forward to the three of us working together.”

Ekta shared his sentiments , “I am extremely fond of Imran and thankfully we have ironed out our differences. When I heard Tigmanshu’s great script I instinctively knew that Imran was perfect for the character. He’ll do great justice to this role and we are so excited to commence this project.”

With most things in place now for Tigmanshu, he is yet to finalise the girl playing the main lead. The project is supposed to go on floors this September 2015.

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