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Akshay Kumar’s Perfect film making Formula

Akshay Kumar - GabbarSuperstar status is achieved when an individual does what they do well, whilst making it look easy – and fans of international superstar Akshay Kumar may well have wondered exactly how the actor manages to balance making on average a record four films a year, with travelling the world to pursue numerous other projects and enjoying time with his family.

The star of the recently released, The Shaukeens, has recently revealed his carefully constructed formula for managing such a jam-packed schedule. It may be a surprise to hear that Akshay Kumar gets his 8 hours of beauty sleep, by choosing not to party and instead be asleep by 10pm. The actor’s day starts at around 5am – a time which suits Akshay as it means he can complete most, if not all of his work by 10am, allowing him plenty of free and work time.

Following each of his four film shoots a year, which last on average for 60 days at a time, Akshay Kumar ensures he takes a week long holiday with his beautiful wife Twinkle and two children, Aarav and Nitara. The rest of the year is spent completing other projects, honouring brand endorsements and enjoying what else life has to offer!

The actor, who recently wrapped filming of Baby, set to be released at the start of 2015, sums it up perfectly –  “You just need to make one’s time a priority, so you can make everyone else’s life easy. We’re only here once. If I played with time, there’s no way I could make 4 films a year and travel the world with my family. Respect time and time will be on your side. Abuse it and it will pass you by, along with all its opportunities.”

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