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Interview: Sonu Sood & Vivaan Shah talk about ‘Happy New Year’

Sonu Sood and Vivaan Shah star in Farah Khan’s latest blockbuster, Happy New Year. The two actors recently sat down  with Bollywood reporter Sunny Malik in London to talk about the film and much more…


Bollywood’s action hero/villain Sonu Sood plays the role of Jag in Happy New Year. He is the explosive expert in Farah Khan’s heist movie.

Sonu Sood at Happy New Year SLAM Press Conference in London (2)How has it been to interact with the London press for the first time?
It has been great. I love the place and keep coming for holidays. I also shot here a couple of years ago. I always say that London is one place where I love to hang around.  It’s great that we are here for Happy New Year and Slam+ The Tour. I am thoroughly excited.

How did Happy New Year come about for you?
I was pretty lucky as I was filming for Its Entertainment in Bangkok when I found out that Farah is making this film. I called her and she said ‘If you get me the dates, I will get you the role’.  It happened overnight. We worked out the dates and I flew to Dubai from Bangkok for the shoot. I had a great experience.

Did you worry about screen time since many actors are involved in the film?
Not at all. It is a heist movie and all are important roles. There was never any insecurity or double thoughts. You know that you have to do your best and make the film larger than life. Since we are now through with the making, we can say that it is the biggest film to come out of the industry ever. 

How are you choosing your films ?
I would say that I am pretty selective about my movies since I have done a lot of South Indian movies too. I take some time selecting my Hindi movies. Happy New Year is a very important film and any film that I sign henceforth will be a tough decision. 


Happy New Year SLAM Press Conference in LondonVivaan Shah, son of acclaimed actor Naseerudin Shah, plays the role of Rohan Singh; a juvenile criminal. He is the youngest team member of the film and in the film. Rohan is a hacking genius and speaks in perfectly gibberish whenever he has to converse with a beautiful woman. 

How has it been being in London and touring the world with team Happy New Year?
It’s great and been a profound journey. The friendships I have made and the time I have spent with them cannot be described in words. Its an honour and blessing to be a part of the film. We became a family while making the film.
Did you feel that you were the youngest member of the cast?
I did feel that but they tried their best not to let me feel that. That says a lot about them as people. They were very understanding and perceptive. They really made me feel part of the team. 
Your father, Naseerudin Shah, is an iconic actor. Do you feel the pressure?
I do feel it but that is a good pressure. The pressure motivates me to do better and go further. It motivates me to make him proud.

Released by Yash Raj Films, Happy New Year is out in UK cinemas now. 

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