Akshay Kumar Anupam Kher The Shaukeens

Akshay Kumar styles himself in The Shaukeens

We all know that Akshay Kumar is quite stylish on and off screen. Akshay decided that as he play’s himself in the film with a little bit of a twist, he would style himself just the way he does in his real life so he decided to style his own wardrobe.

The director of The Shaukeens Abhishek Sharma says, “As Akshay is playing himself, he wanted to be comfortable in whatever he wore. And I thought it was a great idea, mainly because he is anyway so well-dressed and dapper in real life too. Infact, some of the outfits are picked from his own personal wardrobe while other stuff is picked up by himself from international designers in Dubai and London while he use to go on his trips.”

The Shaukeens is releasing in on 7th November 2014. 

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