Sanjay Gupta unhappy about the music in Hindi films


Director and producer Sanjay Gupta has spoken about the lack of good music in Indian films.

Gupta has always been vocal about his views, likes and dislikes and recently commented on the state of current soundtracks. “In the name of all the noise and item songs we have become scared of simple melodies. The same is happening to our film making. I do not absolve myself having been a part of the item song rat race, but swear never to go down that road ever again. Music must be music,’ said the Shootout at Wadala director.

“It is very disheartening whats happening today. Such big budgeted massively cast films are coming out and most of them have music that leaves so much to desire. I myself am very unhappy with my soundtrack of SAW as I feel its far from my best. My lack of total conviction in the music may well be the reason. But from here on, no more. Music is the most integral part of our film making process, its what makes us unique,” added Gupta.

Watch Sophie Choudhry in Ala Re Ala from Sanjay Gupta’s last directorial Shooutout at Wadala:

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