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Priyanka Chopra talks about her new single ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’

The gorgeous and world-famous Priyanka Chopra interacted with her fans at the Guess store on Regent Street, London yesterday. 

At the event, ‘Guess Loves Priyanka’, the international recording artist, actress and global face of Guess, gave fans a sneak preview of her upcoming solo single I Can’t Make You Love Me.

Priyanka also signed print catalogues of her Guess campaign,  Holiday 2013 shot by Bryan Adams, for over 200 fans.

The actress-turned-singer was signed to Universal Music, DesiHits and Interscope Records in late 2011. Priyanka released two singles, In My City and Exotic featuring and Pitbull respectively, in the US and India last year. The event at Guess in London marks her first UK promotions as a recording artist and as the brand ambassador of Guess.   

Bringing Regent Street to a standstill while speaking to thousands of fans waiting outside the store, Priyanka said, “I keep coming to London and keep seeing you all. It feels really great that all of you have come here to see me.”

Priyanka is not new to being a brand ambassador for a global brand. She has been the face of Pepsi and Nokia among many others in India. But how does it work being a Guess girl for a western audience? “I don’t know how it’s going to work. I like to do new things and I am very proud to be a Guess girl. Guess has always had these beautiful blonde women as their brand ambassadors and I am really happy that I am the first Guess girl of a different ethnicity. I always like to do things better than what I have done before. That is what I am aiming at. I just really enjoyed shooting the campaign which was shot by Bryan Adams,” said Priyanka.

In the US, the PR blitz for the Guess campaign worked well with ads being featured in popular fashion magazines. “I haven’t actually seen all these magazines featuring the campaign but of course, it feels nice. I don’t know what Guess is planning for the UK market in terms of advertising as only they can answer that,” revealed Priyanka.

Talking about the new single which will release in the next few months, Priyanka said, “The single is called I Can’t Make You Love Me. It’s my first solo single and a cover of the same song by Bonnie Raitt. She is one of the people why I became a singer. My cover is really different because the original is a ballad and we have used dance music for my version of the song. When we were deciding on my next single, I really wanted I Can’t Make You Love Me to be my first solo single.”

The sultry star just finished filming the video of the song in LA which is directed by Jeff Nicholas and Jonathan Craven who recently directed Rihanna’s music video What Now. “I don’t know much about their previous work but yes we just shot the video in LA and they were amazing to work with,” said the Exotic singer.

Bollywood Reporter Sunny Malik also asked Priyanka what item from the Guess store she would select if she was shopping for him. “A pair of jeans for sure. Guess sells amazing jeans and they suit anyone.”

Check out some more images by Hayat Khan here:

Priyanka Chopra at GUESS Store in London (9)

Priyanka Chopra at GUESS Store in London (7)

Priyanka Chopra at GUESS Store in London (6)

Priyanka Chopra at GUESS Store in London (5)

Priyanka Chopra at GUESS Store in London (4)

Priyanka at Guess store in London (3)

Priyanka Chopra at GUESS Store in London (2)

Priyanka Chopra at GUESS Store in London (1)

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