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Karan Johar to miss the Premiere of ‘The Lunch Box’

The Lunch Box is set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. But Karan Johar who is presenting the film in India wont be able to make it for the festival to Toronto as he has prior commitments.The LunchBox

A source close to Karan says “Karan was excited to walk the red carpet with the entire team but unfortunately due to his commitments he wont be able to reach Toronto but his support is with the entire team.”

When contacted, Karan confirms the news saying, “I am very upset about it, but nothing is in my hands because I can’t overlook prior commitments. I have to be in Durban before heading back for the finale shoot of the dance show. But I am always there with the team in spirit. And also, I will be part of the promotions throughout India.”

The Lunchbox stars Irfan Khan, Nawazudin Siddhiqui and Nirmat Kaur. The film hits Indian theatres on September 20. The film bagged the Critics Week Viewers Choice Award at the 66th Cannes Film Festival in May this year.



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