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Dhanush challenges director Anand Rai on the sets of ‘Raanjhanaa’

Sonam Kapoor - RaanjhanaaThe most talked about subject on the sets of Eros International’s Raanjhanaa is the food actor Dhanush is served, courtesy his personal chef who travels with the actor during his shooting schedules.

In fact so popular has the chef’s south Indian delicacies become on the sets that director Anand Rai, a self –proclaimed foodie, has taken up Dhanush’s challenge to learn his mother-tongue (Tamil) in exchange to hire his chef.

 Confirming the news Dhanush said, “If Anand wants to continue having the food made by my cook, I’ve asked him to learn my mother tongue too – At least one word a day,”

Says producer Krishika Lulla – Eros International, “Anand is a complete foodie and not at all health conscious. In fact, he has no qualms in admitting it. On he other hand, Dhanush is extremely fit and is very particular about his health. Regardless, they are sharing dabbas!”

All praise for the actor and his chef says director Anand Rai, “Dhanush is very professional and it’s always great to work with someone like him. I love the food his chef packs for him. In fact, Dhanush has promised me his cook as a film release gift.”

Eros International’s Raanjhanaa ,directed by Anand Rai starring Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor is scheduled to release this year.

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