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Interview: Vidya Balan supports Sanona

Leading Indian film actress, Vidya Balanstar of the super-hit thriller Kahaani, today declared her support for the new and burgeoning world of digital film distribution.

In a special message recorded for Sanona, the UK’s leading online Bollywood Pay-Per-View film service, Balan supports Sanona’s digital platform and encourages her UK film fans to watch Kahaani legally, instantly and in high quality from Friday 19th October at


In this interview, the 34-year-old actress talks about Sonana, Kahaani and much more. 

has been a big hit with the critics and audiences in India and abroad. Why do you think the film is so popular?
I think Kahaani worked because it was a story well told and kudos to  director Sujoy Ghosh for that. But more importantly there were two things happening simultaneously. You emphasized with this woman who you believed had lost her husband, whose child she was carrying and therefore she was in a very vulnerable position. She’s in a city that is a stranger to her, and amidst all of this there was another story happening. You had a sense that what you see is not what you get. But she was constantly convincing you otherwise. I really call Kahaani an emotional thriller if that were possible as a genre. I think that’s what connected with people. On one hand you connected with a wife, a mother, and on the other she is spinning a yarn. She is telling you the biggest lie, the most interesting story in the most interesting way.

Give us three reasons why someone should watch Kahaani online at Sanona?
Why should you watch Kahaani on Sanona? Because Sanona is very salona (cute). Okay that was corny. I think because ‘Kahaani mein Kahaani mein Kahaani mein twist hain’ (there’s a story within a story within a story with a twist). I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. You can watch it whenever you want to at your own convenience and its great quality. So you can just enjoy Kahaani again and again and watch it for me… please.

Are there any plans for a sequel? If so, who will Vidya Bagchi search for next?
There are plans for a sequel but you’ll have to ask Sujoy Ghosh. You’ll have to get hold of him for any other information. I don’t know who Vidya Bagchi is going to search for, or if she is going to search for anything at all. I’m looking forward to reading the script of the sequel because I am hoping Sujoy Ghosh will come up with something really interesting.

What was your favourite Kahaani growing up as a child?
Probably the one about the deaf frog. There’s a competition amongst frogs, they’ve all got to climb up the well. As they are climbing there are others cheering them and some dissuading them. Each of them would get distracted and slip and some of them would just get too eager and slip. There was one frog who made it to the top of the well. Later one someone went up to the frog and said congratulations you have won. What is it that helped you win? He doesn’t get a reply from the frog because he is deaf. I think that’s a beautiful story. You have to do what you have to do and really turn a deaf ear to everything but your conscience.

Sanona is a brand new film streaming service based in the UK, through which people can stream and watch high quality movies online. Do you ever watch films via your computer or mobile device?
I don’t watch films on any online platforms but I know a lot of people do and they say it’s great because the latest films are available. It’s great quality and available at your time. So go and enjoy it (Kahaani). Maybe I’ll join you in a bit.

What do you think of film lovers who watch movies online? Do you mind your fans watching your films on this platform?
I think it’s a great way to make film accessible to more people. Let’s face it; people are doing everything online these days. So if they are going to watch my movies I’m happy as long as it’s being bought legally and being exhibited legally and as long as they are paying even a small fee for it. I’m just anti-piracy. If it’s a legitimate way of watching film online then I’m very happy. The idea is for more and more and more people the world over to watch our films.

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