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Meet Gautam, Meera and Veronica.

Homi Adjania’s Cocktail has created quite the buzz with the refreshing and fun trailer that was released online a few days ago.

Even Karan Johar expressed his love for the trailer on his Twitter Page:

Now the makers of Cocktail, Eros International and Illuminati Films, have released short videos of each leading character. So, get to know the characters  here.

Gautam – Saif Ali Khan
Gautam lives and works in London but most of the time, he is just hitting on pretty ladies. He is a typical Casanova and never wastes an opportunity to flirt. Gautam is also seen chatting up Tena Desae in the trailer who was recently seen in The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. But Gautam is confused. He does not realise when someone gets serious with him, which is another typical trait of youngsters living in the UK.

Meera – Diana Penty
Meera, comes to London for a fresh start. She is the type of girl who is liked by all mothers for their sons. She is shy, maybe even boring but loves to dance, however only when she is alone. Meera hates everything that is Gautam and finds him quite annoying when he tries to be over-friendly with her at a London airport, just as she had arrived here. 

Veronica – Deepika Padukone
Partying, drinking and travelling, that is what Veronica pretty much likes to do. Unlike Meera, Veronica is not shy and doesn’t see a problem to be around a guy without wearing pants. She dances at nightclubs and doesn’t mind if she is the centre of attraction. Just like Gautam approaches girls, it’s ok for Veronica to approach a stranger and dance with him passionately. She is a modern, broad-minded girl living in London and enjoying her life to the fullest.

Is it Friendship or is it Love?
The three become friends and it’s quite evident that Veronica likes Gautam and the Casanova that he is, he gets cozy with her too. Meera doesn’t like him but because of their common friend, they get to know each other. They hang out together, party together and become inseparable. But does Gautam like Meera more than Veronica? Does Meera actually love Gautam too? Who will Gautam chose as his life partner? Friendships are confusing and sometimes good friends may be too good to share.

Cocktail also stars Boman Irani and Dimple Kapadia who shot for the film in London with the rest of the cast. In the trailer, Saif, Deepika and Diana are seen partying at The Grand nightclub, dancing outside the Edgar Wallace pub in Covent Garden, having fun at Battersea Park and chilling out on Maidens Cove beach in Cape Town.

Cocktail releases on 13th July this year.


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