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Jackky Bhagnani Supports The DNA iCan Women’s Half Marathon

“Educating women is empowering them to tackle crime against them”, says Jackky Bhagnani who was one of the specially invited celebrities at the DNA iCan Women’s Half Marathon event  at Bandra Kurla Complex.

Jackky, the lead star of his upcoming film Rangrezz, is all praise for such initiatives which has helped him lend his voice on the issue of women safety in the country. Jackky further says, “Right from your confidence to your happiness, it all starts from being fit. But even to realize how important being healthy is, you need to be educated and so the two really go hand in hand.”

 Pooja Entertainment is the production house behind Rangrezz. The movie is based on friendship and is a remake of the Tamil hit ‘Naadodigal’. The movie hits UK  theatres on 21st March 2013 through Disney UTV. 

Jackky at DNA Womens Marathon 2

Jackky with RJ Malishka

Jackky at DNA Womens Marathon

‘Rangrezz’ releases on 21st March in the UK

Rangrezz 2

Rangrezz releases on 21st March 2013 in UK cinemas through Disney UTV, presented by Pooja Entertainment and Films Limited.

Rangrezz is about Rishi Deshpandey (Jacky Bhagnani), a young, courageous boy whose life is incomplete without his friends and loved ones. It is the story of this brave lad who puts the dignity of his loved ones before anything else in his life. Someone who believes in adding value to other people’s life. Someone who understands the essence of true friendship and the value of his relationships.

Rishi’s world is imperfect without his childhood love: Megha; and his friends: Pakkya and Vinod. He considers his friends as extended family and would go up to any length to help or protect them from anything.

Because of Rishi’s helpful and supportive nature, he and his friends end up in life threatening situation when they collectively help a friend get married to the love of his life, in spite of the parents opposing it.

In a hair-raising climax, involving terrific action sequences & thrill, Rishi’s friends encounter his new Avatar: just like Shiva – the one who will benevolently die for the one he loves, but the one who can also kill for the lack of it!

Gangnam Style goes Bollywood in ‘Rangrezz’

Rangrezz UTV Motion PicturesIt took actor Jackky Bhagnani a long time to get the rights to Korean singer Psy’s superhit number Gangnam Style for his film Rangrezz. He says it was his gift from him to his father, producer Vashu Bhagnani.

“I thought that Indians should also have this song. So I started a conversation, which took three months. When I got the papers signed for the song , I took them to my dad and said, ‘You have done a lot for me and I have got a gift for you’. He was shocked to see that gift,” the 27-year-old said at the Wassup Andheri Fest.

“We have named our Gangnam as ‘Desi Gangnam’,” said the actor, who admits he is now “trying to establish my own identity.”

Meanwhile, Jackky also wants to concentrate a bit on his personal life.

“Let me earn for myself, then I will spend on my girlfriends. Earlier, I was fat, so girls never noticed me, but now I have shed weight, so let me make girlfriends first!” Jackky said.

Directed by Priyadarshan, Rangrezz, releases in UK cinemas on 21st March  2013 through UTV Disney. 

‘Rangrezz’ Does A Harlem Shake

Rangrezz The Harlem Shake dance has flooded the internet with innumerable number of versions from all across the world. The rage that it is, Rangrezz is not leaving itself behind and making its own version of it.

Jackky Bhagnani, the lead actor of Rangrezz has already incorporated Gangnam Style steps in the movie’s song. Embracing worldwide viral sensations and merging it with the local environment and people is a great initiative that goes a far way.

Pooja Entertainment, the production house behind Rangrezz, is the first one to make use of Vine, a mobile service that lets you capture and share short looping videos. The movie is based on friendship and is a remake of the Tamil hit ‘Naadodigal’.

Rangrezz releases in UK cinemas on 21st March 2013 through UTV Disney. 

Watch the trailer here: