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Sonam Kapoor learns driving a Jeep for ‘Dolly Ki Doli’

Sonam Kapoor in DollySonam Kapoor, who is known to be a fashion icon, is seen driving a jeep in new film Dolly ki Doli.

Sonam left no stone unturned, when it came to preparing for her role in the film. She even learned driving for the movie, as in the film you see her fleeting away at several occasions for which it was required for her to drive.

So Sonam ensured that she took a special 21 day driving class and drove a jeep in the film.

​Says a source, “Sonam Kapoor rides a jeep in the film for which she had to go back to the drawing board and take driving lessons…While Sonam does know the basics she had never driven a jeep before and took a 21 day crash course so that she was comfortable behind the wheel before she got into the next schedule of the film”.

Dolly Ki Doli is in UK cinemas now.