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Aamir Khan launches Manjeet Hirani’s book ‘How to be a Human’

Penned by Rajkumar Hirani’s wife Manjeet Hirani ‘How to be a Human’ was launched by Aamir Khan at an event in Mumbai.

Superstar Aamir Khan has worked with director Rajkumar Hirani in ‘3 Idiots’ and then ‘PK’, both of which went on to become superhit films.Now Aamir launched a book based on the dog which the Hirani’s adopted from the ‘PK’ sets.

Aamir Khan, Manjeet Hirani, Rajkumar Hirani along with Indian journalist Anupama Chopra were present at the book launch.Even Aamir shared his experiences with his pet and how his pets are fond of him. 

Aamir Khan shared, “I think they are wonderful, It never occurred to me until Manjeet called me up she wrote to me about the book and when I read the title of the book. It is so true that we can learn so much from our pets. Because they are really very less judgmental than we are. We are very judgmental as people, we are judgmental on many things for many reasons on which we really don’t need to be. Well as animals are also judgemental but in very few things, they are concerned about their survival. So agar koi Deer jaa raha hai toh woh judgemental hoga Sheer k liye, K yeh yaar mujhe kha jaega (laughs)”

Manjeet Hirani spoke at length about her book and her experiences with her pet Buddy Hirani.

Manjeet shared, “The major thing that I’ve learned from Buddy is, you know when there are guests in the house and Buddy always wants to be there and great all the guests at the door, and some people who don’t like dogs, so we ask Buddy to leave but when you ask him to leave he just doesn’t want to budge He’ll sit like a stone and is you try to do something he will get too ferocious. So then we get some chicken sticks and we send him back but when the guests are gone we call him back and he comes back with the same energy as if kuch hua he nahi tha. He has forgotten that and he doesn’t show attitude, which we all do.”

Manjeet Hirani is an airline pilot, influencer, and speaker. In her book, Manjeet has written about attachment, parenting, and karma, among other things. She shows how having a dog in the house can alter your perspective and change the way you experience life.

How to Be Human is a charming and heart-warming book that, with its light touch, will make you look at life from a less cynical standpoint.


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