Interview: Rakul Preet talks about ‘Aiyaary’

Telegu actress Rakul Preet is making her foray into Hindi Cinema with Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary, also starring Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee. 

The 27-year-old actress has been part of a string of successful Indian films since 2013 and will also be seen opposite Ajay Devgn in his next home production. 

Speaking to BollyNewsUK, Preet discussed working in films across various Indian languages, filming in London and much more…

How did the transition from Telegu to Hindi films come about?
I guess it was destined for me to work with Neeraj Pandey. I’d like to believe that because the first ever audition I did, was for him prior to my debut Telegu film. Unfortunately, it didn’t materialise and I was subsequently supposed to play a part in M.S. Dhoni. That didn’t happen either due to date issues. When Aiyaary came to me, I thought to myself that I need to make it happen. I come from an Army background, which also attracted me to the story of the film. I couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Tell us about your character in the film…
I play a Software Expert and also the love interest of Sidharth Malhotra in the film. She is someone who is brilliant at what she does and a strong woman. I can’t say too much about the role without giving away the story.

Since you’re known by Telegu audiences already, was it difficult to shoot at tourist locations in London with fans around?
Aiyaary is the second film I’ve shot in London. I had previously filmed a Telegu film here. London has good diaspora population and it’s always good to shoot here. It was special for the entire team as it was our first schedule and we would go out and enjoy the great places in the city together. We went to the cinema as a team and also for dinners, which I really enjoyed. We bonded really well and that’s when I realised that Sidharth is from the same neighbourhood in Delhi as I am. Neither of us knew about this prior to the London schedule. We did get a lot of attention due to the Indian and South Indian population that resides in London but it was a lot of fun.


How will you be deciding on further Hindi films as offers will likely come your way after Aiyaary is released?
I will just see what is offered to me. I am currently working with Ajay Devgn for my second Hindi film. There are also two Tamil films I will be filming for simultaneously and another Telegu film. I don’t plan too much and I will just see what happens next, in whatever language.  I just want to work every day.

Why should audiences go and watch Aiyaary?
There have been a lot of films about the Army but Aiyaary is not. It’s a film about the system and how things operate. It doesn’t fall under the patriotic film genre. The Army doesn’t only come into play during war. There are a lot of other aspects and we have shown some of those aspects in the film. That different insight will be a good ride for movie goers.

Presented by Reliance Entertainment and Plan C Studios, Aiyaary is a Friday Filmworks Productions and releases in UK cinemas on 16th February 2018.

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