Raveena Tandon to pair up with Govinda after a decade

Raveena TandonRaveena Tandon, who recently revealed her plans of doing quality projects in great speed, seems to be intent in offering her versatile best in those. The actress would be teaming up with actor Govinda for her next project, which would be a Dance Reality show.

“Speaking about their reunion, the actress has admitted that she didn’t have to think twice before giving her nod to the project as she believes Govinda is her ‘trump card'”, says source close to the actress.

“It’s like a cherry on the cake. Everyone talks about our timing. We share a common love for music and dance. We used to try to outdo each other, which got the best out of us,” said the actress.

There is no second thought in saying that Raveena and Govinda  truly rock the screen when they dance together. Such is their aura that many of their fans call them as the perfect on-screen mindblowing dancers.

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