Red Dot Jewels presents White Mughals collection

Luxe jewellery label, Red Dot Jewels, presents its sumptuous and elegant, White Mughals collection. The 2016 collection has been inspired by the 2002 history book by William Dalrymple. At the heart of White Mughals is the story of a love affair between a British dignitary and a Hyderabadi princess.

Red Dot Jewels Founder and Creative Director, Shalini Gupta-Patel, was influenced by the descriptions of relations between the British and Indians during the 18th and 19th centuries and how the two cultures intermingled. This inter-mingling continues today with the Asian woman of the 21st century, with an ongoing, porous relationship between her Asian background and the western world she inhabits.

The White Mughals collection embodies the brand’s love affair between the ancient heritage and craftsmanship of the Indian subcontinent and the western aesthetics that the modern Asian woman seeks. Red Dot Jewels’ own love affair will continue with the antique pieces and heirlooms of yesteryear, with the aim of creating a collection that achieves a blend of ancient art and contemporary design.

Red Dot Jewels-White Mughals (1)

Red Dot Jewels-White Mughals (2)

Red Dot Jewels-White Mughals (3)

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