Kunal Kapoor lost 9-10 kg for upcoming film

Kunal KapoorWhile Bollywood might appear all glitzy and glamorous, being a part of the industry is no child’s play. Actors not only have to learn their lines and rehearse for hours, they even have to stay fit and look good onscreen for every role they take up. The muscular actor Kunal Kapoor who is known for his macho looks, recently had to shed a whopping 9 kgs for his movie ‘Kaun Kitne Pani Mein’

The director of the film, national award winner, Nila Madhab wanted someone who looked very regular and simple in contrast to the true persona of Kunal. It is known that the director asked Kunal to get skinnier in order weave well into the character’s look on the whole.

Talking about this the actor said, “My metabolism is faster than Usain bolt, so loosing weight is always easier than gaining weight for me. Bulking up is something that is actually challenging for me. For Kaun Kitnay Paani Mein, Madhab wanted the character to look leaner and more like the boy next door. So I stopped weight training, increased my cardio workout and lowered the carbs in my diet.I ended up loosing about 9 kgs in three months”

“Now that the film is over, I have been hitting the weights again. My workouts are a combination of weight training and martial arts. I have been training really hard and I am in the best shape I have ever been,” added Kapoor.  

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