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Phantom: When Katrina Kaif wanted to fire guns!


Katrina firing guns in PhantomAll of us have seen Katrina Kaif mesmerizing the audience with her acting talent, stunning looks and spectacular dance moves, but now Katrina is all set to do something novel. Katrina Kaif will reportedly sport her action avatar in the upcoming film ‘Phantom’, as she is geared up to do some breath-taking action stunts in this flick. In Phantom’ Katrina Kaif plays an ex-RAW agent on a mission along with the character of Daniyal played by Saif Ali Khan. The action sequences of Katrina in ‘Phantom’ will reveal a whole new story. According to the director Kabir Khan ‘Phantom’ will be Katrina’s finest performance so far. There’s an underwater sequence, where Katrina had to be about 40 feet below water, which was riskier than the kind of stunts she did in Ek Tha Tiger.

In another sequence of the film shot in ‘Beirut’, the duo is shown being chased by a Syrian tank. As per the script, Saif Ali Khan was supposed to fire machine gun at the chasers, while Katrina Kaif was supposed to take cover. But while shooting the scene, Katrina insisted she wanted a piece of the action. “In that scene, Saif and I are in a jeep and a Syrian army tank approaches us. Saif had to leap towards the machine gun and open fire on them. When the shot was set up, our action director had conveniently thought that the jeep’s driver and Saif will be firing the guns and I will crouch and hide near the door. I explained to Sham Kaushal, the stunt director that I play an ex-RAW agent, trained adequately for combat. Then why do Saif and the army guys get a chance to shoot while I am expected to hide!” Katrina Kaif is quoted as saying by The Times of India. Katrina explained this to director Kabir Khan when he came on sets. He agreed with Katrina’s point of view and made her fire guns in the scene.

‘Phantom’ is in UK cinemas now. So if you want to see how deadly a beauty like Katrina Kaif looks while shooting bullets, get your tickets booked now.

Katrina Kaif & Saif Ali Khan in Phantom

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