Swara on a splurging spree

SwaraThe Raanjhanaa actress ends up buying gold each time she visits jewelry shops to buy distinct nose studs.

Looks like Swara Bhaskar has taken to gold fancy like Bappi Lahiri, or else what explains the actress indulging herself in buying gold every time she visits a jewelry shop! We tell you the real story.

Recently, Swara got her nose pierced to get an authentic look for her role in her upcoming movie, Nil Battey Sannataa. But now that she has started shooting for the Salman Khan starrer Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo and Tanu Weds Manu Returns, Swara has had to change her nose studs for each film as she has got different looks in both the films. Doing so, it’s become a habit with her that each time she goes to the jeweler shop to shop for a nose stud; she also ends up splurging on gold.

Talking about it Swara says, “This style statement will make me poor! Every time I go to this jeweller to change my nose ring — which is a professional requirement, I end up buying gold for myself or for family. I recently bought my grand-mother a pair of ear-rings. She was happy but my father is a bit alarmed with my new habit as I have spending quite an amount.

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