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Hrithik Roshan joins a gym in Bhuj

Hrithik Roshan in Bhuj. Gym.Hrithik Roshan, who is currently shooting in Bhuj for his film, has joined a local gym in order to remain fit.

Power Fitness is the only gym in the area and to his surprise, when he entered the gym there were posters of his lifestyle brand HRX. The actor launched a Defeat campaign that had gone viral a few weeks ago.

“Jugal Jethi, who is the owner of the gym, was so inspired by the video that he put up posters of Hrithik’s campaign across the floor to motivate his clients” said a source.

Commenting on his experience, Roshan said , “People are inspiring me back. We are all in it together…here for each other. Inspiring, pushing, learning and sharing… And, fitness is just one aspect of it. I am even more motivated after the enormous impact of HRX launch. This is just the beginning.”

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