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Q&A: Emraan Hashmi talks about ‘Ungli’

EmraanEmraan Hashmi is gearing up for the release of his next, Ungli, produced by Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions. 

Perfectly capturing the current mood in India of curbing corruption, bribery and intimidation in the upper echelons of power and authority, Ungli is a beautifully acted and directed narrative that conveys in an effective and humorous manner how five ordinary citizens can make a difference in a city blighted by dark forces, as they literally give the proverbial ‘finger’ to the corrupt and dishonest.

In this Q&A, the actor talks about his role in the film and more…

What attracted you to the role of Nikhil?
He isn’t your classic hero; I like characters that have a little bit of a dark side. I think in Hindi Cinema today, people want more than just your typical hero; they now enjoy relating to the villain as much as they do the hero. I think by adding a bit of attitude to the hero, it makes them far more relatable. It has to be said as well, Nikhil is a bit of a bad ass.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your character?
Nikhil is just your everyday guy who decides one day to take a stand against corruption. Along with his group of five friends they become vigilantes and start to fight back and try to expose all those who are crooked in the city.

Did you enjoy working with Kangana?
She is a fantastic actress. I have seen her previous films and I have worked with her before and it has always been enjoyable. We had a real blast working together and everyone says we have great onscreen chemistry so that always helps! Because the films involves lots of stunts we started going to the gym together, she is really dedicated to being the best she can be.

It’s very rare to see you dance in your films. I heard a rumor you’re going to dance in Ungli?
Yes! I think it is well known that dancing isn’t something I normally enjoy doing, however I actually had a really good time doing it for Ungli. I have a scene with Shraddha Kapoor in a nightclub where we perform a song. I was quite nervous before we started because Shraddha is such an exceptional dancer, but it was actually really fun! It is a really eye catching song and I think people are going to enjoy it.

The trailer shows you locking lips with a very attractive young lady, you have gotten quite a reputation for yourself as a ‘serial kisser’, does this bother you?
There are worse things to be known as (laughs). In all seriousness though, I would rather people talk about my acting rather than who I happen to kiss within a film. I think people often think that I choose to kiss people within films; in reality I am simply following the script!

UNGLI releases on 28th November 2014 through Reliance Entertainment in UK cinemas

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