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Interview: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan speaks about MixRadio

Last night, Monday 9th June, the man at the heart and soul of the music community, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan partnered with global music streaming service MixRadio at an exclusive event in Dubai, to mark the launch of the service into the Middle East.

With iconic filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt in attendance and as part of the association, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performed material from his new album Back 2 Love for the first time and showcased personally curated MixRadio playlists available in 31 countries.

Speaking at the occasion, Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan said, “It is great to experience what Mix Radio is all about and being part of such a project is overwhelming. I want my album “Back 2 Love” to reach out to the masses and global audience. Mix Radio is surely the best way forward for this. The producer of this album, Salman Ahmed and MD of UMI, Devraj Sanyal both have been instrumental in making this happen. There are two amazing videos as well which I am sure will be loved by all my music lovers”.

Check out our interview with the man himself:

Rahat at MixRadio
How did your association with MixRadio come about?

This association came about from Universal and the entire team who have been instrumental in making this happen including Salman Ahmed the producer of the album. This is a great opportunity for me to be associated with Mix Radio. With Internet access often being limited across the Middle East, Nokia MixRadio’s unique PlayMe feature allows users to unearth 30 million tracks and, at the touch of a button, take playlists offline. This partnership is truly for all my wonderful fans to be able to access this medium through MixRadio.

You are launching the service in Dubai where the population loves Bollywood movies and your music. How do you think MixRadio will change the music scene in the region?
MixRadio is definitely a great step forward for all the fans and wonderful listeners of music, this platform is a very good one, and I have created some personal playlists for MixRadio for my fans to listen to.

You are also launching your album at the MixRadio launch event. Why did it take you so long to bring out an album again? Were you too busy singing for Hindi soundtracks?

Well, I have been busy with film songs and tours for the past few years and it was time to make an album. My producer Salman Ahmed truly made this happen with the team efforts of everyone involved in the making of this album.

You are also not being heard as much on Hindi soundtracks nowadays which I am sure has to do with you being selective. How do you decide whether you want to sing a song for a movie or not?
I usually do most of the tracks, it is only when I am on tour it can be difficult. But I always enjoy doing Hindi film tracks.

You perform in the UK every year to sold out arenas. Do you feel that UK fans are more passionate about your music or do you find them all the same regardless of country?
Definitely, I must say all my fans around the world are very receptive of my shows. And I sincerely thank them for always attending my concerts with so much love and passion. I believe I am today because of them.

What do you enjoy more: performing or creating music?
Definitely creating and then performing… it is my passion and I have been doing this from a very young age.

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