Amole Gupte impressed with Saqib Saleem

Saqib SaleemImpressed with Saqib Saleem’s sensitive performance in Bombay Talkies Amole Guote promptly signed him for his film Hawaa Hawaai which is scheduled to release on April 18th, 2014. Saqib plays the lead character of a skating coach in the film and his getting himself trained for the role.

“Amole and I spent a lot of time together before the shoot so that I could become familiar with his style of film making. I am lucky to have had the opportunity to work with path-breaking directors like Karan Johar and now Amole Gupte, so early in my career. I had watched Stanley Ka Dabba and wanted to be a part of Gupte’s kind of cinema. As an actor, I am hungry for diverse roles and my sole aim is to learn as much I can from him,” says Saqib.

Along with polishing his skills as a skater he is even hitting the gym regularly to look athletic. Amole Gupte is surprised with his dedication and discipline and says, “Frankly, I was not prepared for it, but I am proud to have Saqib on board. Whatever little we have shot has left me impressed.”

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