Vivek Agnihotri was inspired by Vikram Bhatt to make ‘Freedom’

Vivek Agnihotri

Director Vivek Agnihotri is very enthusiastic about his next project Freedom. The film features Salman Yusuf Khan, Herry Tangri and Ishaan Kaushik. Vivek in a conversation revealed that Vikram Bhatt inspired him to make this film.

Commenting on the same he says, “I always wanted to make Freedom but I had to drop the idea due to financial crisis. I would have never made an erotic thriller like Hate Story if I had finance for Freedom. Vikram gave me Hate Story as a challenge. Apart from Vikram one of my friends also encouraged me to make a film on this subject.”

Vivek further adds, “While thinking about Freedom, I took Hate Story as a challenge and did justice to it. We shot it like a beautiful international thriller. I am happy people loved the film and it also earned good money to start my ambitious project.”



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