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Prithviraj plays a cop in ‘Aurangzeb’

Prithviraj in AurangzebPlaying a cop comes easy to South superstar Prithviraj. However, the actor had quite a challenge at hand essaying his career’s 16th cop role for his upcoming film Aurangazeb under the Yash Raj Films banner since he plays a true-north Indian inspector, for which the actor had to overcome the challenge of speaking in the local dialect.

Not only did he have to flawlessly deliver his dialogues while dubbing for the film but he also plays narrator in several parts of the film, for which the actor put in a lot of hardwork to polish his Hindi diction and unlearn most of what he knew.

Commenting about his preparations Prithviraj said, “When Atul (Director) approached me, he told me that giving the voice-over would be a bigger challenge than playing a cop in the film because that’s a role I have played multiple times in my films down south. I accepted the challenge and hope I’ve lived up to his expectations.”

“Unlearning Hindi was tough. I knew how to read, write and speak the language, but my accent was different from a north Indian. So I underwent a four-month workshop to perfect my accent and prepare for my role as the narrator,” added the actor.

Aurangzeb will release in UK cinemas on 17th May 2013.



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