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Interview: Chakravyuh Special – London Film Festival

Director Prakash Jha and actor Arjun Rampal speak to Sunny Malik for BollyNewsUK ahead of the World Premiere of Eros International’s Chakravyuh in London.


How are you feeling that Chakravyuh will be screened at the London Film Festival?
Arjun Rampal: I am super thrilled. I have wonderful fans in London and I am very proud that a film like Chakravyuh will have a Gala Premiere at the London Film Festival. We are showing it first here in London. The film is very close to my heart and I would love to show it to my London fans first.

Prakash Jha: I am in fact surprised. They wanted a popular Bollywood film for the London Film Festival for the Gala Premiere. My films don’t really fall into the typical Bollywood ‘masala’ category. I do use popular language, the glamour, the stars and songs but my films are slightly different from the popular genre. It’s a matter of great pride and I am happy that my film is going to premiere at the Empire Cinema (Leicester Square, London) on 11th October.


You have had a lot of Premieres in London for your films. Why is the UK so special for you?
Arjun Rampal: The UK is a huge market for Bollywood films. Whenever I have come to London, I have had a very warm reception and fans have been extremely affectionate. I know the UK audience always looks forward for something new and different. Even Rajneeti was very well received here. You can’t ignore the UK market. It’s too big to ignore.

The film was originally due to release on 12th October. Why did you postpone the release date?
Prakash Jha: We postponed it primarily because of the London Premiere at the London Film Festival. It’s very important for us to attend publicity events in India in the week prior to the release. We pushed the release a bit because of that.

Kareena Kapoor recently told me that UK audiences mainly like family films and love stories. What’s your point of view?
Arjun Rampal: That is true. But Chakravyuh is a film that you can watch with your family as well. It’s entertaining, emotional and about friendship. It is about an issue every Indian should be aware about. It’s a drama which is entertaining and wholesome. It’s a very commercial film but not a love story, even though it has certain love angles within the story. But I think, the audience is also changing and they want to see films which are different and new. They want to see films for which you bring your whole anatomy intact and not leave your brains at home.

Your films are always surrounded by controversies mainly because you make films on sensitive issues. Does that bother you?
Prakash Jha: If you make a film on a sensitive subject, then there will be different point of views. I try my best to be non biased and I try to portray the reality from both sides. It’s important that issues are discussed and brought up in the public domain so that people who do not know about it, understand it. For me, reality is far more dramatic than fiction.

Dialogues in Prakash Jha films are usually hard to understand without subtitles for NRI audiences. Will it be different with Chakravyuh?
Arjun Rampal: If people don’t understand them, I am sure they can read the subtitles. It’s not very hard to read them (laughs). However, I think if you are coming to watch a Hindi film you should be familiar with the language. Sometimes, when I watch an English film, even I don’t understand certain words but it teaches you and you learn from it. The flavour of the language in this film is from the region it is set in, which is pure Hindi. They speak very well but what is important that they create the flavour and the mode of the film. If the characters start speaking anglicized Hindi, I don’t think the NRI audience will like that very much (laughs).

Prakash Jha: We tried to make it as simple as we could. I am sure the UK audience will be able to connect with the emotional story of the two friends. But the subject matter, I think, is such that pure Hindi was required. The London Film Festival selection team did not find it difficult so I hope that everyone else enjoys the film too.


Chakravyuh will premiere at the London Film Festival at Empire Cinema in Leicester Square on 11th October 2012.

Arjun Rampal, Abhay Deol and Prakash Jha will be in attendance.
Tickets for the Gala Premiere can be bought at the BFI.

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