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“I joked about doing a film with Natalie Portman” – Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan plays a prankster off-screen as well,  as for over a few days speculations have been circulating regarding Saif. A very candid Saif told the media that he is to play a role in a movie with none other than Natalie Portman. Saif finally revealed that the ‘news’ was nothing but a joke he chose to crack after being surrounded by several rumours and assumptions about his personal life.

The media has always hyped everything related to the star from his personal life to his professional life. The media and their questions to Saif seem to be never-ending, from details about his wedding with Kareena to questions on all the female leads he works with.

Saif has actually answered so many questions most of them rather tricky and unimportant, at one such moment when a journalist asked him about his future plans Saif decided to have some fun, says a close associate of the actor.

Saif decided to play a fast one, instead of denying the rumour, he built up a story around a film with Natalie. He was aware that one quote from him could lead to a domino effect and will definitely make headlines.

This news soon was the latest talk of town, everyone was curious to know how he actually managed this Bollywood-Hollywood collaboration. Since so many actors have been planning it for years and have failed.

Here’s what the associate had to say “Saif’s phone was ringing day in and night out for the last couple of days but he chose to keep mum as this time around the amusement level took a different proportion.”

However, Saif has finally decided to break his silence otherwise the media would further penetrate into the matter over the weekend which would cause a huge chaos that Saif definitely wanted to avoid.

Here’s how Saif puts an end to his little prank with the media, “It was a joke, I am sorry”, smiles Saif, “It’s just that I am very annoyed with speculations on all the aspects of my life. If this goes on, I might just start making up stories like these to entertain myself. Hope people will understand that.”

It is also rumoured that Portman’s legal team have sent Khan a legal notice. 

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