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Vidya’s Lavani number to be different

Even as speculations are rife about Vidya’s image in her very first ‘Item Number’, the crew members of Ferrari Ki Sawaari say that the aim of the song is not to be ‘sexy’ and draw the attention of the crowd. Instead they have gone for a more ‘aesthetic’ look.

Vidya will be performing a Lavani number – a cocktail of matkas and jhatkas –which has recently been made popular by Katrina Kaif’s performance as Chikni Chameli. The makers of the song are insistent that this Item Number will be different from the item number from Agneepath, with the oomph factor being downplayed by the aesthetics of Vidya’s dance.

Vidhu Vinod Chopra and debut director Rajesh Mapuskar tried nine different looks before zeroing in on the Lavani number. Vidya will be rehearsing extensively for three weeks for the song.

The director feels no threat from Chikni Chameli and instead says “Katrina`s dance is inspiring us to do better.” So after Vidya’s oomph in the dirty picture it is time to see if she can get her ‘oo la la’ effect for her first item number.

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