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Interview: Deepika Padukone talks about ‘Finding Fanny’

Deepika-Padukone-Finding-Fanny first lookDeepika Padukone will be seen in UK cinemas again from 12th September 2014 in Homi Adajania’s Finding Fanny.

Finding Fanny is the story of five dysfunctional characters from Goa on a road trip to search for the long-lost love of Ferdie played by Naseeruddin Shah.

In this interview, the Om Shanti Om star talks to Bollywood reporter Sunny Malik about the film and much more.

You agreed to do Finding Fanny while you were filming for Cocktail in London. Did you ever have second thoughts afterwards as it’s a different kind of film?
No, never. I was narrated the film during Cocktail and by the end of the film, I decided that I want to be a part of Finding Fanny. Forget all my films last year that have released, as Cocktail had not even released when I said yes to Finding Fanny. The experience that I had with Dinesh Vijan (producer) and Homi Adajania (director) on Cocktail was amazing, which is why I didn’t have to think twice before saying yes to Finding Fanny. I knew that during the making of the film we will have a great time. For me that is the most important thing while making a film. I want to work with people I have a great equation with and have a good time working with. Everything else is secondary e.g. what people are going to think or what the result at the box office will be. I didn’t think of these things at all.

What attracted you to the film when you were narrated the story?
It was the script. It was so refreshing and different from anything else I have done or was offered at that time and most importantly, it stayed with me. The characters and story just stayed with me after the narration. If I may say so, I was so impressed with the script at that time and now after watching the film, it has turned out to be even better. People have watched the film a couple of days ago and we are still getting messages of how they loved the film and how the characters have stayed with them. That exactly is what the film is about. It is not a massive commercial film or a film that will change society. It’s just a simple and feel-good movie which brings warmth and a smile to your face.

Your first look was rather shocking as you were holding a butcher’s knife covered in blood…
Well, that is just another day in the life of my character Angie.

As Homi, the director, and Dinesh, the producer, are very good friends of yours, does it ever get awkward when you have creative differences during the making of a film?
Not at all. I am very comfortable with them. All the movies I have done with the two whether it was Love Aaj Kal, Cocktail or now Finding Fanny, we have all come together in a productive manner. I think because we are friends, we are comfortable with each other and we discuss everything. If someone is unhappy or has something to say, we always discuss it. It’s not necessary that we act upon it but we definitely discuss it. I think, the three of us collaborate and come together really well.


How was your experience working with Dimple Kapadia this time again?
For me she become a personal favourite now, not just as a co-star but as a person. She is someone I have got along very, very well. She took me out shopping and treats me like a daughter. I was moving to my new house and was looking for things for the new place. I remember she had a day off and she told me that she was going to go and look for some things as I had told her how the place was going to look like. She picked up cushion covers, carpets, candles and photo frames for me. She told me that she will call me at ten o’clock in the morning and take me shopping when I have day off. She had the whole day planned out. And sure enough, she called me at ten o’clock in the morning when I had a free day and said that she is ready and we should go. I quickly got ready, we hopped into a car and went shopping. She didn’t even allow me to pay for anything. She took me out for lunch and told me how she was extremely fond of me. I remember we came back at six or seven in the evening. I will never forget that. Even today, people ask me about her because of this new film. In one of my interviews, I praised her and I meant it. She was so touched that she sent me a bag of goodies the next day. My equation with her really goes beyond films. She is someone I connect with at an emotional level.

The duration of the film is quite short for Indian movies. Do you feel that is a plus point?
I have always believed that you have to enjoy a movie for what it is. There are filmmakers that make movies which are three hours long and then there are filmmakers that make films which are one or two hours long. I don’t think the duration of a movie matters at all. It should have no bearing of what the audience feels eventually. As long as you feel that you have enjoyed the movie and connected with the characters, that is all that matters. Suddenly there is too much focus on numbers like box office or duration. These are all silly external factors. If we manage to bring out a smile to your face at the end of the movie, that is a sign of a good film for me.

Finding Fanny

The film is being released in UK cinemas by 20th Century Fox. Do you think this being an English language film, it can reach a wider audience?
Yes, most definitely and hopefully it will. It is nice to know that a big studio like Fox is a part of a film like Finding Fanny. I do hope that it reaches a lot more people. The idea of films in general is to make them available and accessible to as many people as possible. I don’t think language should ever be a barrier. I can say that the reach our films have had in the last couple of years is phenomenal. I was shooting in Corsica (island near France) and I had fans over there. They were not of Indian origin. They were people who were born and brought up there or in France. They have seen Om Shanti Om over and over again. I can’t tell you exactly what, but it was such an overwhelming feeling.


Finding Fanny stars Deepika Padukone. Arjun Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur and Naseeruddin Shah. The film is directed by Homi Adajania and releases on 12th September 2014 in UK cinemas through 20th Century Fox. 

Interview: Arjun Kapoor talks about ‘Finding Fanny’

Arjun Kapoor at the Launch of Fanny Re From Finding Fanny (3)Bollywood star Arjun Kapoor is excited about his forthcoming release Finding Fanny opposite Deepika Padukone, releasing in UK cinemas on 12th September 2014 through 20th Century Fox.

Directed by Homi Adajania and produced by Dinesh Vijain (the team behind 2012 super hit Cocktail), Finding Fanny is the story of five dysfunctional characters from Goa on a road trip to search for the long-lost love of Ferdie played by Naseeruddin Shah.

In this interview Kapoor talks to Bollywood reporter Sunny Malik about the film and much more:

How are you feeling as Finding Fanny is about to release worldwide as it’s not a typical Bollywood movie?

Honestly, I am quite excited. Primarily because I think that the audience is ready to accept such a movie. For every ‘Rowdy Rathore’ there is also a ‘Kahaani’ that does well. We are in a good phase as our audience is ready to watch anything that connects with them. That is what I have realised. I am genuinely excited for the movie.

Finding Fanny is an English language movie…
It’s completely in English but we are also releasing a dubbed version in Hindi for a certain section of the audience, who would like to see it in the conventional style. It is however, shot and made in English.

Homi Adajania, the director, only communicates in English as well. Did that make the whole process easier?
The instructions can be in any language but what matters is what is on paper. Mani Ratnam doesn’t speak Hindi but makes the most fantastic Hindi movies. Homi is very good in articulating the emotions to his actors. He is not someone who directs you but speaks to you. It is a process that I really enjoyed. We had readings and we spent time together before the film started. I did not want to feel isolated and wanted to be a part of the world that he was creating on celluloid. I really enjoyed the time I spent with him before we started shooting. That is what enhanced the filming process as I was on the same wavelength with him by that point. I flew to Goa one week ahead of my schedule. I stayed with the crew and was driving around with them. I got my haircut and my tattoos for the film with him. This really allowed me to lose myself into his world rather than fit in.

Finding Fanny

You have also joined Twitter since we last spoke… I am glad you are not using it just for film promotions…
I decided to give all the people who appreciate my work and myself a birthday present by joining Twitter close to my birthday. I am glad you noticed that I am not using it just to promote my movies. It is an opportunity for me to give out more about myself to the world out there. Everyone complains that I am recluse and shy. I hope that being on Twitter might have broken this myth to some extent. I have joined Twitter at a time when I was ready to open up. It also allows me to put myself out there beyond the work that I do as people today like to know what kind of people we are and not just what movies we are doing. It has created an interesting disparity to how I am in real life and how my character is in Finding Fanny. 

The film was offered to Deepika Padukone during the making of ‘Cocktail’. It is speculated other actors were offered the movie and turned it down. What made you say ‘yes’ to the makers?
I don’t think my character was offered to anyone before me. I am not really sure because I have never bothered asking him about it. I know that Homi offered Deepika’s character to other actors. I think, Homi came to me post Ishaqzaade and had a very honest conversation with me. I found the challenge of doing an all English film very exciting. I was just excited that there was no reference point for me.

Tell me about working with Deepika Padukone… You two seem quite friendly…
I have known her before she made her debut. I have known her for quite a while. For me she was never Deepika Padukone, the heroine. She has always been Deepika, the friend. I have known her before she was dating Ranbir Kapoor. It made it very easy for us to work together. I think she evolved beautifully as an actor. I was very happy to be on the set with her and watch her being dedicated to become even better. She really takes her craft seriously which is nice to see as a fellow actor.

Tell me about working with producer Dinesh Vijan as he gets quite involved in the making of his productions…
Dinesh is beyond discussing box office numbers and recovery figures, which is what I like about him. I was just telling Homi a few days ago that Dinesh isn’t the type of producer who worries about the number game. His music sense is fantastic which has only further enhanced the prospects of Finding Fanny. Dinesh has never once interfered in the making of the movie asking Homi to make the film more commercial or darker or niche.

20th Century Fox is releasing the film in UK cinemas. Do you think the international studio can attract a western audience to the watch it, not because it’s in English but because of its content?
It’s a film that anyone in the world can relate to. It’s a journey about finding yourself on a road trip to find a girl called Stephanie – everyone calls her Fanny. Hence the name ‘Finding Fanny’.  I feel that the film can cut into the international market beyond the Indian diaspora. It is one of the reasons why we all were excited to try it out and give it a shot. I am really glad that Fox has seen the possibilities to exploit the film beyond the regular Hindi movie audience. Anyone in the whole world can watch the film because of the language and secondly because it’s relatable. You don’t have to be an Indian to understand the sensibilities we see in the movie. I think, now is the time for Indian filmmakers to go out there and show what kind of films we make. It can be Amsterdam, Africa, anywhere in Germany or South America or anywhere really; Finding Fanny will find an audience everywhere. It is just a matter of getting it to the audience and 20th Century Fox is the best possible studio to do that.

Finding Fanny stars Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Dimple Kapadia, Pankaj Kapur and Naseeruddin Shah. The film is directed by Homi Adajania and releases on 12th September 2014 in UK cinemas through 20th Century Fox.