One Family launches ‘Live to Give’ challenge

ManishGlobal charity One Family has launched its Live to Give challenge series for International Women’s Day with some of Britain’s much-loved celebrities joining the Nepal-bound delegation. 

Magic FM’s DJ Neev Spencer, Paralympic champion Richard Whitehead MBE, KISS FM’s AJ King, BBC & Premier League broadcaster Manish Bhasin, and actor Jassa Ahluwalia (Peaky Blinders, BBC Three’s Some Girls) join an 18-team delegation heading to the Himalayan region next week to raise essential funds and awareness of human trafficking across the Nepal-India border. 

The 1,800km border sees 10,000 to 15,000 Nepali women and young girls sold into India every year. Maiti Nepal, One Family’s anti trafficking fund partner – founded by social activist Anuradha Koirala – works relentlessly to save victims of trafficking, providing extensive rescue, rehabilitation and prevention services, including access to legal aid, medical support, vocational skills training and more. To date, more than 50,000 trafficked women and young girls have been rescued. 

The four-day Annapurna trek, culminating in 13,500ft, will see the 18-strong team scale forests, villages and difficult terrain with the hope of meeting Koirala and rescued trafficking victims at base camp, before returning with them to the rehabilitation home in Kathmandu to learn more about the centre’s extensive work, as facilitated by One Family. 

Chairman of One Family, Sharif Banna MBE, said: “We’re thrilled to be launching our Live to Give challenge series for International Women’s Day. At One Family, our extensive network of like-minded supporters believe in mobilised action. What better way of marking International Women’s Day than actively working to protect women and young girls who have been successfully rescued or are at risk of being trafficked? We’re incredibly proud of our trekking team and I wish them the very best of luck”. 

During the team’s stay at the rehabilitation home, Maiti Nepal will be hosting a futsal match, comprising two teams of trafficking survivors. The teams kits have been provided by Crystal Palace Football Club, after its Head of Sports Medicine – Dr Zaf Iqbal – advised the team of trekkers on training and safety measures, as well as pledging medical kits for support.  

Founder of Maiti Nepal, Anuradha Koirala, said: “I am delighted to welcome the trekking team to Nepal. International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the progress we have made, but it is equally important to highlight where we are still lacking. From the moment I established Maiti Nepal 30 years ago, I have worked with a singular goal: to make Nepal free from the trafficking of women and young girls. I am now 74 years old and I am still striving towards that goal. One Family’s Live to Give challenge series invites people to join the fight with me”.


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