Review: Disco Dancer The Musical

The musical Disco Dancer premieres at Sadler’s Wells, over the course of seven performances.

B. Subhash’s 1982 Hindi blockbuster of the same name, which starred the undeniable King of Dance Mithun Chakraborty, was the first ever to gross $100 crores in India. Composer Bappi Lahiri, who passed away, was recognised for creating the film’s original and classic soundtrack.

Like every other musical by Rajeev Goswami, including Beyond Bollywood, this one is fantastic and gripping for those familiar and unfamiliar with the world of Bollywood.

The stage and three displays are used to create a 3D impression, accentuating the lights and bright visuals. Salim- Sulaiman’s soundtrack is the ideal complement to the glam 80s attire, which flawlessly evokes the era.

The theatrical version adds sparkle to the 1980s film, which would otherwise be dull and “nostalgic.” The singing and dancing acts, as well as the production’s aesthetics, are captured nicely.

For the great amount of work that went into it, the musical deserves credit.

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