Sony Music India signs social media star AJWAVY

Sony Music Entertainment India has launched UK based South Asian diaspora mash up artist AJWAVY with his first official audio track.

The British born DJ/Producer has amassed an incredible online audience with close to 1 million followers on social media channels in just a year. His unique blend of Eastern cultural classics with modern contemporary western sounds has captivated viewers from all over the world.

AJWAVY was discovered by Sony Music India on Instagram in June this year. His unique sense of sound and melody enables him in creating distinct mixes and beat switches that transcend geographical barriers. His works have proven to create a euphoria for listeners which effortlessly gets the audience to engage with him. His visuals that often include his family, have taken social media by storm with audience’s praises pouring in and some of his videos crossing 20 million views.

His recent “Hotline Bling” remix went viral across the globe, being featured amongst celebrities like Nicole Sherzinger, Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor and some of the biggest sports brands like Champions League, Manchester United, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona to name a few.  

As his debut with Sony Music India, AJWAVY has created a genre bending production called “DESI BOP”, mixing some chart-topping tracks – “Why this Kolaveri Di”“Proper Patola”“She Move It Like” and “Mercy” by the country’s most popular music producers, Anirudh and Badshah.

In his words, AJWAVY says, “Making mashups has been a way for me to really push myself to create sounds that no one has heard before. Including my family in my videos has made my content relatable to a wider audience. Stepping into the Live scene is something I’m looking forward to. Working with a company like Sony Music has always been a goal of mine and to have it actually happen has been so exciting! I feel this is a pivotal step in my journey as an artist and I can’t wait to see where this amazing opportunity will take me in the future!”

This unique project would enable followers and audience across the world to engage with him on socials and get featured in the official music video of the track. “DESI BOP” by AJWAVY will be available on all streaming and social media platforms on 7th October, 2022.

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