Review: ‘Forensic’

The plot centres on kidnappings that take place in Mussoorie and the investigation officer and the forensic department’s efforts to solve the case. 

Director Vishal Furia’s remake of the Malayalam movie of the same name After keeping some of the original story’s elements, this Hindi remake includes some unexpected twists that create a completely unique experience. the intense atmosphere and dark tone set up the mood of the film. The dramatic twists and turns of the story make it the most intriguing aspect.

Vikrant Massey plays a convincing forensic expert who is thorough in gathering crime-related evidence and making it appear authentic to viewers. He is almost used as a comic relief in the film. Radhika Apte instantly makes you root for Megha, depicting an honest officer who wants to crack the case and save the victims. Despite Vikrant and Radhika’s characters’ romantic past, both make a great team together.

Forensic has some great performances and strong writing which makes engaging edge-of-the-seat crime thriller.

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