Hania Aamir on her new film, ‘Parde Mein Rehne Do’

1- Why did you select this film? 

For the humour for the important subject

2- Has this film made you change your perception in how you see things now? 

I always thought that a topic like this deserves conversation and I hope it will change the audiences view point that it is important to discuss these subjects 

3- Can you share the most funny incident that took place while shooting for the film

The filming of the song peela rang which felt more like a friends dance practice then a pre rehearsed movie song 

4- What are the three things about Hania/ Ali you can tell our readers that they don’t know about her/him

He loves to play different characters can dance really well

5- Can you share the most memorable moment you both experienced in the film?  

When filming stopped for the movie due to covid we were all gloomy and didn’t know what would happen but then when restrictions lifted and we got to set that restart was the most memorable moment for us because there was hope and joy.

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