Divya Aggarwal Speaks About Her Character in Abhay S3: “Harleen As A Whole Package Is Very Complex”

Kunal Kemmu is back with the third season of the critically acclaimed show Abhay on ZEE5 Global. With a darker and bolder narrative, you know that Kunal’s Abhay Pratap Singh is set to solve cases that will keep you on the edge of your seats. From men who are murdering innocent people to criminals who have mental illnesses, this season of the series has it all that will send chills down the spine. The Abhay franchise has created its niche in the thriller genre, directed by Ken Ghosh and produced by Zee Studios. While Abhay season 3 will see the return of Kunal Kemmu as the determined cop, along with Asha Negi and Nidhi Singh, this season will also see Tanuj Virwani and  Divya Aggarwal share on-screen chemistry with a twist. Divya Aggarwal will be seen playing the role of Harleen alongside Tarun Virwani, who will play the role of Kabir, and together, they will be seen as an adorable social media influencer couple. But their story is not just what they show to the world and involves a deep, dark secret they’ll kill to protect.

Talking about her character in the latest season of Abhay, Divya Aggarwal said, “ Harleen is a character that I have never done before. Right from the look of the character to her mindset, Harleen as a whole package is very complex. And to portray her was indeed a challenge. Harleen has two personalities- one on social media and the other that only Kabir (Tanuj Virwani) knows. While playing the first personality it was easy, portraying the other side was difficult. But it all comes out beautifully on-screen, and I am proud of myself.

She also spoke about her chemistry with Tanuj Virwani both on-screen and off-screen, “I think we both are fun and on-screen you will get to watch the chemistry we have in our friendship off-screen. It’s great when it comes on screen. We are pretty comfortable as this is the second time we are working on a series. We did Cartel earlier, and now it is Abhay 3. We are very excited to be working together. “

Kunal Kemmu had made his digital debut with the show’s first season. Battling his inner demons, Abhay (played by Kemmu) gets involved in a case about two missing kids in the first season. Season 2 turned much darker and had Abhay coming face-to-face with a ruthless and intelligent criminal mastermind (Ram Kapoor). This season, releasing on 8th April is unlike any other as Abhay faces a new breed of evil, a dark force capable of manipulating anyone in the name of a twisted ideological belief. Will Abhay win this battle with death? Wait to find out!

Stay tuned to catch the premiere of Abhay 3 only on ZEE5 Global

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