Bollywood Dance Festival to take place in London May 2022

BOLLYWOOD DANCE FESTIVAL is a dance convention taking place in London, UK from the 23rd-29th May 2022, and takes place at the People’s Palace, Great Hall QMUL and Mulberry Sports Centre and Danceworks London. Celebrating all forms of Indian dance across a week of 24 amazing masterclasses led by a spectacular star studded international line-up of Youtubers, choreographers, influencers and dance icons from India, UK and the USA, the sensational world class talents will leave in awe and inspired. BDF will truly become an unforgettable experience and an iconic dance, fitness and entertainment spectacle. Bollywood Dance Festival is the first right from the promotion, the event itself and the digital viral dance releases.

Karthik Priyadarshan and Mohan Pandey from Kings United India, the World Of Dance Champions. From the USA, Youtube dance sensations Anisha Babar and Swara  Karulkar. India’s most popular viral dance icons Himanshu Dulani & Alex Badad, classically dance sensation Kumar Sharma, popular film TV dancing star Pery Sheetal, right out of Jhalak Dikla Ja Sneha Singh, from the south of India reality TV dance icon Naval Arasan from B-Fab, Mumbai’s finest Akanksha Sharma and Muskan Singh who recently appeared in India’s best dancer. The convention is hosted by the UK’s No.1 Bollywood Choreographer Naz Choudhury alongside internally acclaimed dance company Bolly Flex.

Producer Naz Choudhury says: “This is a once in a life time opportunity, and genuinely evolve a whole dance sector, will help the UK and Europe to gain new knowledge, skills and vastly improve from the variety of classes and boot camps. BDF brings together the best and most talented dancing influencers from around the world. London will be the hub of South Asian dance. There’s huge interest from across Europe and many people flying from as far as Singapore and the USA just to attend. Without a doubt this will be the most viral Bollywood dance event in the in Europe. Each of these artists has millions of views online, it’s so exciting to host them and see what the come up with collectively. Take it like the world cup of Bollywood dance, get ready UK a storm is coming. Book early don’t miss out on.”

The flagship festival is the heartbeat of the Indian dance world, with the aim to connect Bollywood, South Asian and Classical dance communities globally every year.

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