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Anushka Sharma Wrestles for 6 Weeks To Prepare for ‘Sultan’ Shoot‏

Anushka Sharma has taken on the physically demanding challenge of learning wrestling for her forthcoming film ‘Sultan’ with gusto. The lissome leading lady, known for her fitness levels, has mastered wrestling for over 6 weeks, before beginning to shoot for ‘Sultan’. 

Given that the film stars Salman Khan, who has also been undergoing rigorous training to learn wrestling, Anushka made it a point to train and prepare for 6 weeks before shooting for the film. She practiced for long periods of time regularly and tenaciously followed a fitness regimen to live the part of a wrestler to her best abilities. 

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In fact, the film’s director Ali Abbas Zafar complimented Anushka’s efforts when he said, “Anushka’s dedicated 6 weeks wrestling program has drastically changed her body language and has also transformed her body into a very authentic looking wrestler.” 

Anushka’s wrestling trainer Jagdish Kaliraman who couldn’t stop praising about her said, “Anushka ma’am is very hardworking and she has a lot of will power. Wrestling is a very tough game but inspite of it being so tough she is very confident and always wants to be the best at it. She observes every move that we show her very carefully and after showing her maximum two times she exactly knows what to do. She is such a big superstar but she is so humble, down to earth and extremely sincere towards learning the art form of wrestling. She gave her 100% for the training and always up for learning more and more and to be the best at it. Wrestling is a very rough and tough game which needs a lot of stamina for which she has worked a lot in the gym to be best at it. When people watch the film they will know that Anushka ma’am has put in so much hard work and has moulded into the character so well.

Anushka Fight

This isn’t the first time Anushka has pushed herself to fit into a character. To prepare for most roles , including that of jazz singer Rosie Noronha and of Mira in ‘NH 10’, Anushka participates in workshops and conducts extensive preparations to best play a character. 

‘Sultan’, with Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma, will release on July 8, 2016. 

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