Interview: Sonakshi Sinha talks about ‘Rowdy Rathore’

Sonakshi Sinha has made her mark in Bollywood with just one film. Born to legendary actor Shatragun Sinha and Poonam Sinha, the 25-year-old actress is excited about her second release Rowdy Rathore opposite superstar Akshay Kumar.  

The Dabangg actress talked to UK Bollywood reporter Sunny Malik about her upcoming film, being a desi girl, and much more.

How do you feel that your second film is about to release and the reaction has been extremely positive?
It’s been great. I have been feeling the same way I felt before my first film Dabangg. It’s a positive feeling and a good space to be in. There is an attachment to what I have just done and I don’t know what is going to happen in the future.

Tell me about your character in the film.
She is a girl from Patna and very lively and outspoken. She is very sweet and simple and yet she falls in love with this guy who is completely the opposite of her and a Rowdy man.The movie is completely action packed and it is ‘masaledar’ and it has a dash of romance in it. It was a great character to play and overall, a great film to be part of.

How did the title come about ? Rowdy Rathore is not something the UK audience may be used to.
Rowdy is a very massy word. It’s a word that is more used in the South of India and you would associate it to someone who is not wrong per say, but somebody who is full of ‘masti’, wild and you know the word just speaks for itself ‘Rowdy’ (laughs). It sounds like what it is. I think, the name came about from Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali and it’s completely apt for the character that Akshay is playing in the film. It’s a great title and very catchy.

The film is produced by Shabina Khan, Sanjay Leela Bhansali and UTV Motion Pictures. Who approached you for the film ?
Shabina approached me for the film. I think, Shabina and Sanjay Leela Bhansali. At that point I was already doing a film with Akshay called Joker. I think, everything just fell into place for me.

You recently said you are the real desi girl. What did you mean by that?
(Laughs) You know, I keep getting asked do you think have you been type casted into a certain kind of role and you are only doing Indian characters. I just basically said what is wrong with that. I am an Indian girl and a Desi Girl and even though I am doing characters which are in the Indian mole, they are very different from each other and they give me a lot of variety to change my acting. That’s what I meant by it and you don’t really go around asking the girls who dress in western outfits in every film that why are you only doing westernised roles. Why do I get asked this question? That’s what I meant by it.

Do you also personally prefer wearing traditional Indian clothes?
Absolutely, I enjoy it and I enjoy playing these characters on-screen. I get enough ample opportunities to wear western clothes be it in terms of my endorsements, events and shows that I go for. But on-screen, I portray the complete Indian woman. I am fine with that and you know, it’s a great feeling to represent your own culture and values on a worldwide level. So, it’s great.

Tell me about the action sequences in the film. It is said that you have done some action scenes yourself for the film.
I am part of the climax action but not how Akshay would be. Rowdy Rathore has completely raw action which he has come back to after seven years, I think.  It is something worth looking forward to because I have not seen anyone do action like that. He does his own stunts and is so lively when he is doing action. It was a real pleasure to watch that and I think that the audiences are going to be as eager to watch it as anybody else.

Akshay is known for playing pranks on all his co-stars.
Oh, yes he is (laughs).
What pranks did he play on you?
There are so many that I don’t think I even remember them now (laughs).  He is such a lively person that he is always making people around him laugh. He is always cracking jokes, some on my expense as well (laughs). But it’s all in good humour and he is a really funny person and yes, he has played quite a few pranks on me.

Will you be seen doing Prabhu Deva dance steps in the film?
Yes, I will. Even though he is directing the film, he has had his input in the choreography as well. He has made Akshay and me dance like nothing else. It has been so good to work with him. He had made us go crazy on these dance moves.

When will you come to the UK ?I have not been able to find the time. I went for a photo shoot last time when I had three-four days off. I stayed back and had a mini-vacation. I don’t know when my next vacation will be.

What should the UK audience expect from the film?
The film is as Indian as it can be. Hopefully it should remind them or bring them back to their roots.
That is what will keep them engaged and entertained. Hopefully they will love it.

Rowdy Rathore releases across UK cinemas on 1st June 2012.


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