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I requested Karan Johar to take charge of a Ra.One unit – Anubhav Sinha

Anubhav Sinha, who has directed Shah Rukh Khan’s most ambitious project till date ‘Ra.One’ has been in the news about other directors taking over his place due to differences with the leading actor, who is also producing the film.

These rumors started when Karan Johar came to London and was overseeing the filming on scenes between Kareena Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan at Hardwick House, Ham (south-west London).

Reportedly, Khan rented the house for a few days from a family for a hefty sum and shot scenes there while they were away on Holiday.

In an interview with Bollywood reporter Sunny Malik, Anubhav Sinha spoke about having two units in London for a few days and how it all came about.

“The filming at Battersea Power Station was extended by a few days because of the rain and we ran into the schedule of the next planned location. The need for two units came up and fortunately Karan Johar was in town and I requested him to take charge of the second unit,” said Sinha.

Ra.One was initially set in Miami instead on London. The Cash director explained: “We did a technical recce (location scouting) in Miami and suddenly the budget started to seem out of control. At that point, Shah Rukh decided to recalculate the budget and that would have meant postponing the shooting there which would have resulted in serious weather issues for the filming. The whole plan of shooting outdoors had to be changed and we needed to change the country and we decided on London.”

Ra.One, produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and distributed by Eros Internationals Ltd. is out on general release on the 26th October 2011.

This article first appeared on Pinkvilla

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